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No, today's subject line/email is NOT an advertisement for a tobacco company (or other products that are injurious to health)! I'm aware that what I wrote in the subject line would be manna from heaven for the marketing departments in most tobacco/liquor companies, but I'm referring to keeping a kid "hooked forever" in a GOOD way - not bad.

I was doing my exercises out in the park today, when a little girl with her mother showed up in the area where the dipping bars are. Wouldn't have been more than 8 years of age or so, and they had badminton rackets in hand, along with a yoga mat - always a good sign - especially when most stroll into that area with cellphones and handbags in hand as if it's a mall - and then park themselves right on the dipping bars to complete their daily gossip quota. Ugggh.

Anyway, I saw this girl trying to do pull-ups on the monkey bars, and dip between the parallel bars (much the same as I was doing). She was too small to do them in full range of motion, but at least she was trying - and trying hard. Good stuff!

But, guess what was even BETTER?

Her mother was actually encouraging her from the sidelines. As in "honey, don't give up - try to get at least ONE chin". Or "honey, let's see you fall over into a gymnastic bridge" (and she did - it was great to watch). And so forth.

The majority of adults today don't bother to fit physical activity into their daily lives - and this seems to be the norm for parents as well, at least in this neck of the woods. And given that fact, it's not surprising there are more and more obese children "running" (I use that term loosely) around galore with I-phones in hand and pizza on the mind.

But guess what happens when parents actually encourage their kids to participate in physical activity and sports - kids do so happily, because kids are full of energy naturally and are made for this. And when a parent actually shows up and does some of the same stuff she's asking her kid to do - well, even better.

And guess what - once they start - and get into the habit - they're hooked, my friend, and that can only be a GOOD thing. And exercises don't have to be tough for kids; in fact Fast and Furious Fitness teaches you a wide variety of exercises that kids will absolutely ENJOY doing (and that adults would benefit greatly from as well).


So, if you have kids, make sure and set a good example - plonking down in front of the tube with a six pack and Doritos may seem like the thing to do after work, but it isn't setting a good example for the little one.

Anyway, wanted to share that with you; I figure you'd like it as much as I did. . .

Until next time - and if you work out today, make it a super one!

Best regards,

PS: One of the best presents you can give your kids is the gift of lifelong health, strength and fitness (and yes, I know I switched the order around) - grab Fast and Furious Fitness NOW - and get 'em started!

Fast and Furious Fitness: http://rahulmookerjee.com/index.php/articles/83-fast-and-furious-fitness-the-book


Been receiving some interesting emails as of late, and I'll share a couple with you.

The first email was from a person in the UK who bought my book a while back. He was already pretty strong, but in a LOT of pain from repetitive weight training - especially in the shoulder/trap region - so he wanted to get on a routine that would allow him to maintain his strength/fitness levels, but not cause him to squeal in pain every time he brushed his teeth or put on a T-shirt. Now, bear in mind this dude is strong (at least going by what he told me), but the amount of pain he's in on a daily basis - man oh man, I wonder if all those heavy weights are worth it after all. . .

Anyway, he writes me back two (or so) months later, and is all praise for the book - especially the part where I talk about handstand pushups, and how beneficial they are for you.

Quoting from his note "Your handstand pushup workouts are the BEST - I've never been feeling stronger in the shoulders/upper back; and whats more, that piercing pain in my shoulder joint is almost GONE! Kudos!"

Thanks pal - but the feedback isn't surprising, since you've been training one of the very, very BEST exercises you can to do rehabilitate, strengthen and rejuvenate your shoulders - those being handstand pushups. Sure, you need to do them in proper form or you might as well not do them at all, but they remain one of the very best upper body exercises there is, period.

I speak about handstand pushups at length in Fast and Furious Fitness - be sure and grab your copy now!

The second question was from a newbie who just joined the site yesterday. He's just starting out, and was apprehensive about whether or not my book contained routines suitable for a rank beginner. And my answer was YES - Fast and Furious Fitness WILL help you if you are at that level. Get the book, follow the instructions and work out religiously - and you WILL see a difference - more so than you would by joining a fancy gym and working the treadmill in front of the TV. Glug.

So, if your still on the fence (and those of you that are know who you are!), quit dallying around and get the book TODAY - it will literally change your life for the better.

OK, that's it for now. Back again soon with more!!

Best regards,


PS: Too much dithering never led to anything but a massive headache - quit beating about the bush and get the book TODAY - it IS literally a ticket to a BETTER you.


Monday, 10 June 2013 16:58

Discussion forum up and running

I've been receiving a lot of emails lately - mostly questions related to training, the site, or just general questions. As in, "how do I perform this exercise", or "I'm simply NOT improving at my chin-ups; how do I get there?". And so forth - the questions keep coming in - and thats great!

I make an attempt to answer most of the emails - but I do miss some - and for that, I apologize. Only so many hours in the day, and all that fun jazz. . .

But, to cut a very long story short, I've decided to set up a basic discussion forum on the web site - a place where YOU guys can log in and discuss your training questions, routine, diet, and just about anything you'd like to. I actually did not consider this before, but given that comments are disabled on the blog (sorry - haven't figured out how to outwit the spam bots just as yet!), I thought this should be a good idea.

It's pretty basic - but basic is how I train, and after a lot of playing around with code, fonts etc, I figured the basic setup is the way to go  - and it's LIVE now! All you have to do is click "Forum" on the site homepage, and you'll get there. You do need to register with a login name and password,but that's pretty much all you need to do in order to start posting.

The forum is completely free as of now - and hopefully I can keep it that way. As for rules, what to post and what not to - well - we're all adults, and I leave it to YOU to decide. My only rule is - do as you would in "real life" i.e. be civil, respect others, etc etc - and thats pretty much it. Not much of a forum Gestapo as you can tell. . .

So, this should be fun - let's give it a try, and see how it goes!!

Best regards,


PS: The actual link to the site is http://rahulmookerjee.com/phpbb2/index.php ; bookmark this if you want to jump straight to the forum instead of the site!

PS #2: Here's to many productive discussions!!


Well, well, well. It's been a chaotic few months for sure since I last wrote (yeah, I know, long gap again) - and things have changed once again at Fast and Furious Fitness "HQ" again. To cut a long and convoluted story short, we've now left the sands of Oman FAR behind, and are back where we were 8 or so months ago - back to India, that is. 

I'd really like to think this move back is permanent, at least as far as the Gulf is concerned - neither me nor Mrs. Fast and Furious Fitness wants to move back there, period. My current location is far from ideal, has more than it's fair share of problems, et al - but it's way better than a vast, open desert at any rate. Do miss a thing or two about the place - the runs along the beach for one, my old heavy bag which I had to leave behind (sigh), but overall, I've never felt better about leaving a place for good.

And on the workout front of things, back to India means back to my old workout haunt - the neighborhood park, or the "hood" as I like to call it fondly, mostly due to the motley collection of folks hanging around there with not much to do, but thats another story altogether.  .  .

This also means a very welcome return to a couple of exercises that I hadn't been able to do for a while now - and those are pull-ups on thick bars, and dips. I've spoken a lot about doing pull-ups on thick bars, and how they strengthen your entire body (especially your forearms, grip and fingers) beyond belief, but combine the exercise (or any of it's combinations) with dips done on thick bars, and you get a killer upper body workout. Throw in a a few ab exercises, and sprints (or a fast run, if you prefer), and you've literally hit the entire body in less than a hour.

Here's a short, but sweet workout along those lines that should have you hurting by the end of it: -

- Warm up with a jog, or stretching, or whatever gets you going

- Jump rope 5X100, interspersed with sets of 20 pushups between the rope jumping sets.

- Thick bar pullups 5x5, interspersed with thick bar dips 5x10 (or whatever works best for you). Don't be surprised if your traps feel like they're being torn apart while you do this!

- Hanging leg raises 3x 10 (or less, depending upon what you can do).

- Timed holds (again from a thick bar - shoot for 3 sets of 60 seconds each).

Ok, so thats a pretty decent workout there that should take no longer than 45 minutes at most, and should work you to the bone provided you do it right. . .

And last, but certainly NOT least, I've also noticed that the order page on the website is acting up - so those of you that tried to order during the last month have not been able to do so, and for that I apologize. I've contacted the powers that be on that one though, and am expecting an answer/fix soon - and will update as soon as the problem is resolved. In the meantime, feel free to email through any orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll take care of it just as we would if you had ordered online.

And that, my friend, is that for now. Be back soon with more updates on whats going on - and an update on the online order process as soon as it's up and running again!

Best regards,



Monday, 11 February 2013 18:15

Where HAVE I been??

Well, this one is long, long overdue for sure. If you've been following this site a while (and if your one of the many who have signed up for the daily newsletters and/or made purchases), then you've probably noticed the complete lack of communication from me for a few months now, both via email and on the website. I used to send an email to you on an almost daily basis, or weekly at the very least, but as of late, that has not been happening - and I owe you a (long overdue!) explanation for this.

So, where HAVE I been - and what have I been upto?

Well, many things, really - the short answer to this would be LIFE and it's many turns have been keeping me busy. REAL busy, so busy that I've not even found time to speak to you guys for a while, which is something I aim at rectifying at the very earliest.

Long answer?

Well, like I said - many things - amongst one, Mrs Rahul Mookerjee and myself discovered a while back that we're soon going to become parents. Yes, that's right - unexpected news, at least when we got to know, but still GREAT news, and something we've always wanted.

Second, as many of you already know, I moved to Oman a while back - this for reasons mostly unrelated to the Fast and Furious business, but reasons unavoidable all the same - and THAT has been keeping me busier than an industrious worker bee as of late.

I'll go more into detail on all this at a later stage, but for now, let's just say that I've been real busy - like unavoidably busy - and hence the silence for a few months.

Anyway, so what have I been doing for exercise during this busy time, you might ask. Have I been getting my workouts in as usual?

Well - the answer to that is YES - even if I exercise less frequently at times due to other committments. But yes, I've still been getting some great ones in - and whats even better is that I've been experimenting with some different routines, which look to be giving me good results as well. 

I'll share the actual "meat" of the workouts with you in emails to follow, but for now, I'll give you a brief overview:

- I've been getting a lot of my workouts in on the beach - great, great place to workout if one knows how to (and plus it's right HERE - prime example of using whatever "tools" you have at your disposal at the time). Workouts done on a flat surface are one thing, but add the uneven nature of a sandy beach in, and you take each exercise to a whole different level. Fingertip pushups as covered in Fast and Furious Fitness are a great example - they feel TWICE as hard when done in the shifting sand. Not to mention swimming in the ocean - a fantastic overall body workout which feels way different from workouts done on land, but offers many of (and some extra) benefits as well.

- Walking, climbing and running stairs has become a rather important part of my routine - and thats a good thing!! 

- The heavy bag has become a part of my routine, and I'm getting some fantastic workouts in on it. Stay tuned for further details on that one.

And more, but thats a brief synopsis. The important thing to note is that I'm still getting my workouts in despite being real pressed for time - and if your in the same situation as I am - so should YOU. Something else to note as well is that I'm not forgetting my old routines - not by a long shot. But, adding something new into your routine once in a while spices things up, keeps it interesting, and is usually always a good thing provided you stick with it for a period of time.

Anyway, more to follow, so much more to share with you - but that's it for now. Until next time, take care - and if your working out today, make it an awesome one!

Best regards,


PS: Fast and Furious Fitness gives you many routines you can stick with - even if you dont have very much time to get a workout in. Grab your copy today!

PS#2: Train hard, and keep at it!


Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:00

Who wants to join the natural gym?

Was on my way up a flight of stairs last night when I was stopped by some guys I vaguely know. They live in the same building that I do, so we often exchange pleasantries, kidding back and forth, and so on.

"You been out jogging?", one of them asked me. (I was wearing shorts, so that was a question I expected).

"No", I respond. "Better ways to stay fit than jogging for hours, though there's nothing wrong with it if you enjoy it".

"Ah, so you must have gone to the gym then, huh", responds another dude, plucking at my shoulder. "How much weight do you use for your shoulder exercises" he then asked.

"No weight", I responded.

He looked at me as if I'd said I could fly from the US to Antarctica within a matter of minutes.



"Well, how did you get those well built shoulders then? Everyone knows its not possible to develop the upper body well enough without a regular weight lifting schedule".

I grinned, and didnt respond.

Then one of the other guys, who'd been quiet until now piped up.

"He goes to the natural gym", smiling and looking at me for affirmation.

And while that wasn't how I'd describe it, it was a pretty interesting term anyway - and he was on the right track. I smiled, nodded to the guys, and made my way back to my apartment.

Thats what I like best about Fast and Furious exercises - they confuse the average "gym rat" into thinking your doing something better than they are at the gym. Do these exercises regularly, and you'll have folks thinking you spend all day at the gym, kill yourself lifting heavy weights, take pills - have some sort of magic diet, and so forth - the works. While all the time your secure in the knowledge that you do NONE of that - you exercise with a minimum of equipment, and eat healthy - natural foods. You exercise hard, but you dont spend all day exercising. And the results you get are usually FAR better than those gotten by the "I spent four and a half hours doing bench presses in the gym" dude you so often meet.

So, would YOU like to join the "natural gym"?

Would YOU like to get on the fast track to supreme fitness and health - without spending all day in the gym - and feel great for the rest of the day after you complete your workout?

I'd bet the answer to this is yes - and the only membership fees you'll need to fork out is the ridiculously low $24.99 for Fast and Furious Fitness. Far less than what you'd typically spend for a year long membership at the local health club - and whats more - this membership lasts for LIFE.

So, make the sensible choice, my friend. Sprint on over HERE now, and grab your lifetime membership to the "natural gym" NOW!

Best regards,


PS: I spoke about strong shoulders in this email - Fast and Furious Fitness will show you the BEST exercise you can do to get super strong, healthy and powerful shoulders.

PS#2: I know I've been a bit remiss with the daily emails - life's just getting TOO busy - but I promise I'll try and rectify this!


Friday, 07 September 2012 08:13

Do you have back pain?

Do you have back problems of any kind? Stiffness in the back, an inability to bend over fully and touch your toes, or maybe extreme lower back pain that gets aggravated by simple day to day activities? Stiff upper back? Hunched over? The list goes on, and on, and on.  .  .

And if you answered yes to any of these questions, believe me, your in the majority - not the minority.

Sad as it sounds, back pain/problems are an issue for a LOT of people today. Just this week, I spoke to three people in their early 30's - a time when the body should be at it's fittest - that could barely make it to work and back home without severe lower back pain. In fact, there are folks that end up going to work with back braces strapped on - the pain can get to be THAT bad.

And this issue ranges across all age groups and demographics - I've seen folks that could lift enormous poundages do so, and grab their lower back in agony the next minute. I've seen 18 years old that make regular visits to the chiropractor. And so forth.

What's sad is that back pain is an issue one can easily avoid - WITHOUT making expensive trips to doctors and chiropractors, and without consuming a ton of expensive medications.

How so, you might ask.

Well, the first way is blindingly simple - and thats basically to "get off thy duff", as it were. Most folks today spend the majority of their days sitting down, and sitting for long periods without moving or stretching is without exception, one of the WORST things you can do for your back - especially your LOWER back. Simply walking around for a while with erect posture can alleviate back pain to a degree, but what amazes me is that folks are willing to drive long distances to see medical professionals that will "help their back pain", but neglect to simply walk around for a while daily.

Most back pain occurs due to the following reasons - weak upper back muscles (very common), weak muscles along the spine, and a wonky lower back (this last one is extememly common too). Those are the usual culprits - strengthen these areas the right way, and you can say goodbye to back problems forever. 

So, how do you get the job done then? 

Well, simple - you do so through bodyweight exercises that strengthen your back naturally. Pull-ups, as taught in Fast and Furious Fitness are one of the VERY BEST exercises you can do for your entire back. These are tough, but the results make the effort more than worth it.

There are stretches that make you feel like a billion bucks as well - while working the whole body as a unit. One of these is the gymnastic bridge that I show you in Fast and Furious Fitness - get good at this, and you'll be bidding riddiance to that nagging lower back pain shortly thereafter. I show  you the basic movement in the book - there are far more advanced variations - but you'd be amazed at how many folks (including the "pumpers" in the gym) score a big ZERO when they try this one for the first time.

And lest you think those are the only things you can do to strengthen your back - well, think again, my friend. There are a plethora of different options available to you - but only if your open to trying them. The path most traveled is NOT always the best path, especially on this one!

Last, but not least, this email is NOT intended to be medical advice - if you have recurring back pain that doesn't go away even after strengthening your back, see a medical professional right away. In most cases though, I'll be willing to bet you won't need to do so after working on some of the exercises I spoke about - back pain will most likely be a thing of the PAST.

Anyway, thats it for today. Get cracking on "dem" pull-ups, and some of the other Fast and Furious exercises, and watch your back pain disappear like there's no tomorrow!

Best regards,


Well, it's been a long time between posts indeed - and for that I apologize. Just too much going on this last month as it were; the main thing being that life being the strange animal that it is, I've ended up moving from the plains of India to a tiny country in the Gulf of all places - to Oman, specifically. The reasons for this move are beyond the scope of today's email, but it was a heck of a move regardless, which ate up pretty much every spare minute my wife and me had over the last month.

And lest you think the title of this email was a mistake, well, no - it isn't - I fitted in a fantastic trip to the Himalayas as well. That's something I make sure to do every year - I simply can't stay away from the mountains.

So, whats all this got to do with exercise, you might ask?

Well, plenty,  if you think about it. Look, the first thing is that there's been a lot of travel going on as of late, so I haven't had the chance to work out daily - and when I do work out here, I don't have a pull-up bar at hand. Neither is there a local park I can go and do pull-ups in. So, I do the best I can with other exercises. Nothing can quite replace the thick bar pull-ups I did before, but I think I'll live until I find a way around that problem.

And no - I don't skip my workouts just because there's no pull-up bar around - there's plenty of other things you can do for an excellent workout. See Fast and Furious Fitness for more on that.

And what if you'd want to skip your regular workout altogether - and do something different for a few days?

Well, you can - and thats what I did on my recent trip to the mountains in India. It was a five day trip, and ALL I did was walk  up and down the mountains (trek would be a better term) daily. And believe you me, trekking the steep Himalayas is not something to sneeze at, especially if your doing an average of 8kms or so a day, most of that up steep dirt tracks through the jungle. I guess you can say I slept like the proverbial log at night - whew!!

On that note, know that walking hills is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and fitness, so if you have access to hills around you, make sure you incorporate hill climbs into your routine. And it doesn't end there - you can also SPRINT up the hills - only make sure you work up to a certain level of fitness before attempting hill sprints!

It was a great, great trip overall - stunningly beautiful mountains, great weather, good food - and getting in great workouts without even thinking about it. Double thumbs up overall.

Now note that I do NOT recommend skipping your regular routine all the time; especially not if your skipping it in favor of a less beneficial routine. Sticking to a routine and getting better at a few exercises is one of the hidden keys to lifelong health and strength, but if you need a change - or if you find yourself in a position to follow an equally beneficial routine for a few days,then by all means go for it.

And as for now, I haven't found any outdoor activites to do here in Oman, but then I'm only a few days old here. Give it some, and let's see what I can dig up!

All for now - I should be updating this more frequently now that I finally have acess to the Internet. In the meantime, have a great weekend ahead - and if you train, make sure to make it a great one!

Best regards,


PS: Hill sprints are without exception one of the most powerful tools in your fitness kitbag, but you've got to be exercise due caution while doing them. Fast and Furious Fitness shows you how to work these into your routine - do so if at all possible, and you won't believe how quickly your body changes before your eyes!


Tuesday, 05 June 2012 07:33

Working out in less than ideal weather?

Getting a sensible workout routine together - and sticking to it like billy-o is one of the BEST decisions you'll ever make in your life. Elementary, I know, but my dear Watson, you'd be amazed at the number of people that put off or otherwise never make this one simple decision that can change their lives for the better.

There are a ton of excuses that folks like to make to convince themselves that "that type of workout is just not for them". You hear people complaining about lack of time, lack of exercise equipment, lack of a decent gym or other area to workout nearby - and so forth. And truth be told, these are all excuses when it comes right down to it - where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way, and this is especially so with exercise.

Now, something you'll hear people talk about a lot of times is the weather. For instance, someone living in hot and humid subtropical Asia (or elsewhere) may complain about his daily run due to the heat, and end up skipping it altogether a lot of days. On the other end of the spectrum, those living in Scandanavian countries deal with snowy conditions (and zero daylight) a lot of the year - but does that  mean they should stop exercising outdoors for themajority of the year?

Let's think about it - what good would it do to get on an exercise program "when the weather is good" and then do nothing "when it's bad"?

It's summer where I live currently - and that means temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius (over 113 F) IN THE SHADE. Does that mean I've cut back on my workouts, or have stopped trying to achieve my best during each and every workout? Absolutely not - even if it means dripping with sweat for the majority of my workout. Trust me, there are times where I feel like I'm breathing in molten lava instead of air - thats how hot it is - but I keep going.

And just so you know, I do NOT workout in air-conditoned gyms and do NOT have ceiling fans or A/C's running if I workout at home. I aim to create a spartan environment in which to workout - so if it's my living room, it'll be me, the carpet and the wall - and nothing else. Yes, I'll sweat up a storm - and YES, it'll make the workout that much tougher to accomplish - but believe me, I feel like a billion bucks at the end of it - and so will you if you do something similar.

Those of you that are familiar with  my writings know that I spent a few enjoyable years in China a while back. Part of my workout there was to climb a long, steep hill near my house on a daily basis - in sapping hot and humid conditions (sometimes I'd climb during the middle of the day if that is when I had time). I climbed this hill when it was HOT - I climbed during pouring rain (when almost no-one would be at the hill) - in short, I climbed darn near EVERY DAY without missing a day unless I really had to. And the results of this showed as well - those of you that have read Fast and Furious Fitness will know what I'm talking about.

Now, I'm not necessarily asking you to go to giddy limits here. You don't have to climb in the rain, and you don't necessarily need to workout during the middle of the day - but what I'm saying is to FIND A WAY to get your workout accomplished, irrespective of the weather conditions. This may mean modifying your workout a bit, or it may mean changing the time of your workout. Whatever it is, make sure you "get her done" - and do so like you mean it.

Finally, the other side of the coin is that you do need to respect weather conditions to a degree. For instance, I usually finish off around 2 bottles of water during my workout these days - I don't think I could maintain the intensity of the workout without replacing some of the fluid I lose. And if you run in cold weather, make sure your wearing protective clothing while you do so. And so forth.

The main point I'm trying to make here is to find a way - and strike a BALANCE that allows you to get your workout in regardless of weather conditions - and do so SAFELY.

Find that balance, and you'll be that much further down the road of strength, health, and lifelong fitness.

Best regards,


PS: I talk about Fast and Furious Fitness in this note - it can be found right HERE.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012 08:35

Only as strong as your weakest link

One of my favorite proverbs goes such "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link."

We've all heard it before. You can have the strongest pieces of metal holding that chain together, but one little weak piece will cause it to snap in two when push comes to shove.

And the same applies to your body as well.  You can have the strongest arms and legs in the world, but weak lower back muscles will always limit the amount you can push and pull. You can have huge biceps, but weak forearms will always limit your gripping/pulling potential. Strong quads coupled with weak hamstrings are an open invitation to injury, especially if your an athlete. And the list goes on and on.

So, what can YOU do to ensure that you strengthen all your weak links?

Well, for one,you can base your workout upon compound exercises that work several groups of muscles together as opposed to exercises that claim to "isolate" certain muscles. This means, that for example, you concentrate on getting better at doing pull-ups in good form rather than sitting on a chair and pumping out curls to "develop the peak of the  biceps muscle". Remember that exercises that work several large muscle groups together are the BEST exercises you can do - not just for overall development, but also to ensure that any weak links in the chain are quickly identified and fixed. Try doing pull-ups with a weak grip - it just won't work unless you strengthen your grip.

Second, you need to make sure you actively strengthen your weak links instead of ignoring them. So in the example above, avoiding the pull-up in favor of the lat pulldown machine is NOT the answer. Work the exercise until you have a solid grip - and work your grip in particular as well - in other words, ensure you strengthen the weak link to the fullest extent possible.

Remember, a weak link means you have a problem. And when you have a problem you don't ignore it and hope it'll go away on its own. You must actively FIX that problem - and the very same thing applies to weak (or underdeveloped) parts of your body as well.

By the way, this little gem of a saying doesn't just apply to fitness - this applies to business, daily life, security, and just about anything else you can think of. Think of a Ferrari with a powerful engine but a suspension that is about to fall apart. You get the point.  .  .insert example of choice, but the fact remains that weak links are there to be fixed - not ignored.

Do so, and you'll notice a vast improvement in your overall strength and fitness levels within a few days.

Best regards,


PS: - The best compound exercises can be done with little other than your own bodyweight. That's right - you don't need a single weight to get in a decent workout. Check out Fast and Furious Fitness for some GREAT compound exercises that YOU can include into your routine today!


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