Monday, 20 February 2012 06:13

Exercises that complement one another

Woke up this morning feeling a bit grumpy and tired. Got to bed real late last night, plus had a host of other engagements the day before - not what you'd term an ideal weekend - which was probably the reason for me feeling a bit down. Woke up, drank some green tea, and then plunged into my workout. And an hour later, I'm soaked in sweat and am feeling on TOP Of the world. In fact, I'm literally buzzing with energy - so you know I got a GREAT workout in!

And thats pretty much how YOU can expect to feel as well when you work out the way I teach you in Fast and Furious Fitness. Short, hard workouts that get the heart pumping and the muscles working - and thats all you really need.

Back on topic though - In my workout today, I did exercises that complement each other. And doing so is one of the keys to getting a superb overall workout in. One simple example of exercises that complement each other would be doing pull-ups and push-ups together - you do a set of pull-ups, bang out some push-ups right after, and keep repeating until you can't do any more. This is a very simple, yet often forgotten "secret" combination for most folks - and you'd be amazed at the benefits you reap from working on just this combo three times a week.

And while what I just told you is a powerful combination that will get you STRONG, there are many other routines that work just as well - and are even tougher. And you'll get to know what these are upon reading Fast and Furious Fitness, where I give you some sample workouts that'll have you huffing and puffing like a locomotive in no time at all.

And finally - note that though I did NOT do any pull-ups (or pulling movements, for that matter) in my workout today, my forearms feel like they've been put through a wringer, and my back muscles are starting to talk to me as well. You may not think that's possible, but it IS. And the routine I followed is actually very simple - think about it, and let me know if you figured out what I did!

OK, thats it for today. Time to get down to business now.   .   .

Best regards,


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Sunday, 19 February 2012 16:01

Muscle power vs ego massage

A few days ago, I spotted a couple of guys training in the park a few feet away from me. Now, normally I don't pay much heed to what others do during their workout - I'm more concerned with my own training. Also, I  make it a point not to interrupt others during their training - even if I don't agree with what they are doing - and thats a courtesy I expect (but don't get all the time) myself as well. 

So, these guys were having a pushup competition. I didn't hear the actual words being spoken, but they were trying to see who could rep out 50 pushups without stopping, and who was the fastest. And it was good I didn't actually hear what they were saying - my eyeballs were bulging out of my sockets (and not in a good way) just upon seeing what they were doing - so I don't think I needed to hear the logic behind what they were doing!

Anyway, guy #1 starts on his pushups. He pumps his chest out once or twice, stretches his arms, and drops to the ground. And he starts on the reps - only going halfway down on the down part of the pushup and bouncing up with atrocious form on the up part. And he didn't even go all the way up before marking that as one rep, and immediately starts again. He made it to about 12 before dropping on the ground like a sack of potatoes, and declared "that was tough".

On to guy #2, who does much of the same thing guy #1 did - except with even more lousy form - I'm wondering what state his lower back must be in if he constantly does pushups with his stomach touching the ground before his chest does.   .   .I think he made it up to 15 before sinking to the ground like a deflated balloon.

They then started for round #2, but neither was able to reach more than 15, at which the pushup mania petered out, and they moved onto their versions of dips - something you do NOT want to hear about.

At that point I quit looking - I love a good laugh as much as the next person, but there's only so much foolishness I can take in one session.

Anyway, the point of telling you this is not to poke fun at the two guys - it's to point out that getting an ego blast from completing sloppy "half reps" doesn't count for squat. I could give these guys ten regular pushups to do in correct form, and they likely wouldn't be able to complete that number - let alone 50.  But of course, the guy's gotta tell his friend that he did 50 in a row, just so he can feel good about the number. 

And this sort of behavior is more common than you'd think - I've seen countless other examples over the years I've been training. It's sad - allowing your ego to take over your training only harms you. You'll actually take two steps backward instead of one forward, run the risk of getting injured, burning out on the exercise and all for a temporary ego massage. NOT worth it, me thinks. 

The funny part is, the guys I'm talking would actually get a great workout (considering their current levels) by doing pushups slowly and in proper form rather than think about the numbers. They would do good to start off on the basic pushups I mention in Fast and Furious Fitness - and THEN move on to other pushup variations once they get good at cranking out the basic movement.

So don't inflate your rep numbers artificially just to please your ego. And note that there is a difference between setting goals and massaging your ego.You CAN set a goal of 100 pushups and work towards that - but claiming you can do a 100 pushups when you can't do 5 in proper form is useless.

Don't be the guy that can bang out a 100 pushups within a certain time frame - be the guy that can bang out a 100 pushups in good form within a certain time frame. Two words to be sure, but they make a massive difference to your training, and the results you get.

Best regards,


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Saturday, 18 February 2012 04:39

Your breath is your POWER

I often come across people jogging and walking in the neighborhood parks, and even on the roads at times. Disciplined folks, folks that make it a point to get their workout in daily, and do so without fail - something which I highly commend. People that run (or walk, if thats their routine) whether it's hot outdoors, or freezing cold. But more often that not, I've found one thing missing in their routines - something so simple they're doing it naturally, without "thinking about it", yet doing it incorrectly.

And that one thing is the way they BREATHE. Breathing, for whatever reason, seems to be out of most people's minds when they train. You'll see folks worrying about the number of reps they do, what exercises they do, correct form, and so forth. Now, all that's fine and dandy - but neglecting to breathe correctly is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make in your training.

There are so many benefits associated with deep breathing that it would be nigh impossible to list them all in this email. But for starters - breathing correctly energizes you, and more importantly, helps you RECOVER faster from hard exercises - both DURING and AFTER your routine. It clears your head and purifies your lungs - and perhaps most importantly for most folks - it aids in burning fat. Breathe deeply and frequently during hard exercise, and you will burn way more fat than if your breath is shallow - and unfortunately, that is what most people do.

Always remember to breathe through the nose, and not the mouth (which can be tempting to do during a tough set). And always, always, make sure to breathe correctly DURING the actual exercise itself. I consider a set of pushups half done if you don't breathe correctly - they are that important. And once you  do so yourself, you'll understand why I'm saying this. So remember that when you learn an exercise, always learn proper breathing form as well along with the actual exercise itself. I'll have more on this topic later, but for now, rest assured that this is something you need to be paying attention to. I consider this so important that I devote an entire chapter to it in Fast and Furious Fitness.

By the way, this advice applies to all forms of exercise - it doesn't matter if your lifting weights, jumping rope, doing bodyweight stuff - deep breathing lends itself to everything. In fact, it doesn't even matter if your NOT exercising - you should still make deep breathing a part of your daily routine. And once you do so, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel when breathing correctly.

The old timers said it best - YOUR BREATH IS YOUR POWER. And indeed it is - as YOU will find out as well!

And that's the tip for the day. Have a fantastic weekend, and if you train - train hard - and BREATHE correctly while doing so!

Best regards,


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Friday, 17 February 2012 05:46

The sky is the limit

This morning's workout was FUN, and got me breathing hard and heavy. I was dripping with sweat before I was even half way through my routine - and you know it's FUN when I wanted to go on, and do more and more. And what made it even better is that I interspersed my regular routine along with practicing some new moves - moves that I've done but am not that good at - yet. 

That's one of the great things about the routines I emphasize in Fast and Furious Fitness - they're FAST, and they're FUN. The exercises and routines mentioned have you moving quickly from one exercise to the other, and you don't get much of a break in between either. That is not the case with weight training where you take breaks in between sets, and neither is the case with "long distance" cardio, where you keep your heart rate at a certain level and don't take it beyond that. No, my routines get you moving FAST - and they get you STRONG at the same time. Don't believe me? Well, try out some of the tough routines I've mentioned in Fast and Furious Fitness, and then let's see how you feel.

Now, note that the point of this email is NOT to knock other forms of exercise - hey, if you enjoy lifting weights, jogging on the treadmill and so forth - go for it. My own personal opinion is that my routines work better in terms of delivering more results in lesser time without the hassle of extra equipment, but if you feel otherwise, hey, thats your opinion and your fully entitled to it.

Anyway, back to learning a new skill. I worked on several different skills today during my regular workout - including freestanding handstands, one arm pushups, and more. I can DO these exercises - but I am not yet at the level I'd like to be with regard to these, so working on these ALWAYS makes my workout tougher.

And note that learning a new skill takes time - so if your trying something different - something WAY tougher than what you've been doing - then expect it to take some time. You may not be able to do very many repetitions when you first attempt the new exercise , but stick to it - the learning process alone will strengthen your entire system in ways you've never experienced before, and the time spent will be well worth it.

I recommend throwing in learning new skills WITH your regular workouts. One of the reasons behind this is that you don't get a lot of cardio benefit initially from learning the new skills, as you are unable to do many reps - so your regular workout gives you a good cardio and strength workout - and you then take the strength to another level with the new exercises. And once you get good at them, you add in some MORE new exercises. And so forth.

This goes to show that the sky is, literally the limit when it comes to advancing with bodyweight exercises. And thats one of things I love most about these exercises - the ability to progress as far as you want to.

The above is one of the keys to unlocking your "potential" for gains. Implement it wisely, and you'll be amazed when you accomplish what you previously thought was impossible.

Best regards, 


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Thursday, 16 February 2012 06:31

I almost forgot

I almost forgot to update you on something else. You may remember that I've been talking about diet in some of my previous emails, and how important a good diet is to your overall health, well being and overall level of fitness.

In that regard, I had made available The Simple and Effective Diet - which is a course that will put you on the right track as far as diet is concerned. And as regular readers know, the course can be purchased at the following link: -

Well, once I made this course available, I received many e-mails, most of them telling me they liked what I put out - but, why did I not devote MORE time to this topic? A lot of folks have been asking me to send out tips related to diet as well, but I wasn't sure if I should do so or not. After all, this is a website related mainly to fitness and exercise - would that not annoy some other readers?

But I thought about it and realized that those of you that urged me to make more information available on diet were RIGHT. After all, it's a heck of an important topic - perhaps even MORE so than exercise for a lot of folks - and if I have the information available, it makes sense to put it out there.

So, without further ado, go to - this website has been launched SPECIFICALLY to deal with diet and dietary issues. You'll notice that I have a newsletter facility on that site as well - I strongly urge you to sign up for that - it's FREE, and I'll provide you with a daily tip on diet, just as I do through this newsletter. And just as with these e-mails, all communication I send out will be posted on the blog as well - so don't forget to check the blog on a daily basis as well!

Go NOW - I look forward to your feedback.

Best regards,

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Thursday, 16 February 2012 06:13

The less trodden path

We've all been conditioned to think that doing things the way others do or "others have done" is the best path to achieving success. So for instance, you might hear a parent telling her kids that to succeed in life they need straight A's, good grades in school, and so forth. Or you may have been told that the only viable way to support yourself is by working a 9-5 job at a "good" company. And the truth is, if you DO those things, then you increase your chances of success by a large margin - that's a fact. 

But, have you ever considered the opposite? For instance, making a sustainable living - and doing so well - WITHOUT working a traditional 9-5 shift? Sometimes, actually a LOT of times, deviating from the well trodden path brings you far greater benefits than tramping down the path where thousands of others have gone before you. You may think I'm not right in saying this - but remember that the world's greatest success stories have often come from doing things differently from what others do. Einstien was thought of poorly all through school and college; Bill Gates didn't even COMPLETE college. The list goes on and on.

And in case you are wondering what this has got to do with you, and your training, well, the same philosophy applies here as well. You can walk for hours on end and try to lose that belly that has snuck up on you, and not get the results you desire - or you could do what I ask you to, and exercise in brief, INTENSE spurts - something which most people do NOT do - and watch the results come down the pike. You can spend hours working the muscle of the chest and "isolating" them in the gym - or you could work on the toughest form of pushups, which most people don't even know of - let alone do.

I know that my results have come from taking the less traveled path. And that path is what I advocate in Fast and Furious Fitness as well. It's different - most people will NOT want to do it because it requires EFFORT - but does it work? Try out the exercises in the book, and be the judge yourself.

Anyway, I just got back from a tough workout, so it's time for me to jump in the old shower. More later!

Best regards,


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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 04:24

How often should you exercise

How often should you train? You get all sorts of conflicting information these days about when to train and how often to train. "Training frequency", "adequate recovery", and other such buzzwords abound; and it makes it hard for the newbie who has just embarked on a training program to figure out how much is "enough".

For instance, you may have a person thinking "Rahul advertises 15 minutes programs", so 15 minutes is enough, and not a second more. Or "My second aunt told me to train if you feel like it  and not worry about how much or when and so thats what I'm going to do". Or "Bubba down the road trains for two hours daily, and he's got HUGE arms! THAT is how long you should be training for - TWO hours daily!".

And it's true - it may sound humorous, but it's true.

So, how much IS enough? Only YOU can decide that. Only you know what level your at with regard to your training, and what your goals are - and you need to tailor your program to suit those goals.

I advocate daily training; as well as taking optimal rest. This means that you train hard daily - but you do NOT do so to exhaustion - to the point that you can barely move the next day. This may mean training for 15 minutes daily, or it may mean 30 minutes. It may mean training every second day while undergoing "active recovery" on the rest days.

We were always told to exercise daily when we were young for optimal health. This is sage advice; "wisdom" that has been passed down through the ages, but it holds true today as well - and will apply to generations to come as well. The old-times all emphasized DAILY activity. You might workout once on  Monday, twice on Tuesday - and then take a rest on Wednesday and walk for a mile or so - and so forth. This way, you do SOMETHING daily while not overloading your system to the point of no-recovery.

And now for one last thing: How often do I train?

Well, usually once a day - I train hard for about 30 minutes, or 40 minutes MAX (including warm ups). I may train twice a day if I feel like it, or if I'm trying out something new that I want to get better at. I've had periods before where I've broken down my workout into morning and evening segments. And on my rest days, I usually walk at least a couple of kilometers. Nothing back breaking, but I've found it helps me recover better. It also means I'm not lazing around and idling on my rest days - I'm "doing something", even if that something isn't something too taxing.

And as I've said so many times before, thats where it all starts. Do something, and that something turns into something more, and you go from there. And this applies to all facets of your life - not just training.

OK, that's the tip for the day. Gotta go get MY own walk in for the day!

Best regards,


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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 05:30

A few reps - done WELL

In today's workout, I didn't do as many repetitions of pushups as I normally do for each set. I couldn't sleep all of last night (not sure why) - so was naturally more than a bit fatigued this morning, especially considering I got in a tough workout yesterday as well. 

Note: You would do good to remember that exercising hard or starting a new exercise program the day after you stay up all night is NOT a good idea - I'm used to the program, so I did it anyway - but this doesn't necessarily hold true for everyone. Listening to your body on such occasions is a very good idea.   .   .

Anyway, back to my workout. I did a total of around 150 pushups, but I did not do them at the pace I do them normally - and neither did I do the same number of reps per set that I usually crack off. Couldn't manage either this morning, and thats fine - that happens sometimes. They key thing is to work around it, and do what you can - and I mention the same thing repeatedly in Fast and Furious Fitness as well.

So I had to squeeze more out of each rep in order to get the most out of my workout today. And I did so - I focused on each rep as if it were my LAST, and did each rep in letter perfect form. These are things you'd do well to keep in mind even during a "regular" workout, but they are even more important on your "off-days" (as this morning was for me).

And do you know what? I ended up getting just as good of an overall workout, even though I did LESS number of reps per set. And this is because I did fewer reps - but I did them WELL. Emblazon this in your mind or training journals right NOW - Do a few reps, or even one if you can only manage one - but get the most out of that rep.

And last, but not least, you may want to exclusively concentrate on low rep workouts sometimes. I don't recommend this most of the time, but it makes for a good change sometimes - and is also an excellent way to work up to doing high reps of an advanced movement.

Implement these principles into your training routine, and watch your results soar.

All for now. Happy Valentine's Day (for those of you that celebrate it) - and if you train today, make it a great one!

Best regards,


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Monday, 13 February 2012 07:23

V-Day special offer

Love is in the air - literally. It's that time of the year again when couples look around for the perfect partner, propose to each other, or, for those of that you that are married, simple "celebrate" their love.

Personally, neither me nor my wife are too sold on the entire concept. I like the idea, but I also believe that love is not something to be "celebrated" on ONE day - you should appreciate it on a DAILY basis. But, I understand that many of you look forward to this day - and with good reason. And if you fall into that category, you are likely looking for "that special" gift for your beloved. 

Well, one of very best gifts you can give your beloved one is the gift of LIFELONG strength, health and fitness - without any fancy bells and whistles attached. And so, to celebrate this special day, I'm going to offer you a 25% discount on my best selling Fast and Furious Fitness book. That's right - 25%. All you have to do is enter in the following coupon code "78VH98A" (without the quotes) on the order page, and you'll be all set.

My wife officially thinks I'm off my rocker on this one, so this won't last forever - in fact, I plan on pulling the plug on this by the end of this week. So HURRY - drop whatever your doing, and ORDER NOW.

But wait. That's NOT all - I'm also going to offer you a FREE copy of the Simple and Effective Diet. That's right - it will be YOURS - FREE, alongwith the book. All you have to do is use the coupon code I've mentioned, order the book, and shoot me a quick e-mail with the subject line "Rahul, send me my free copy NOW" - and you will have a copy of the Simple and Effective Diet in your inbox within 48 hours at most.

This is a savings of OVER $13 - For information that you can use your ENTIRE life - and get great results from. And again, remember this wont last forever - the early bird gets the worm. And if you're smart, you know what to do.

Order now, and thank me later.

Best regards,


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Monday, 13 February 2012 06:02

How long should your workouts last for

In a previous life, I used to share "cubicle space" with a guy that was into bodybuilding big time. And I mean big time - this guy used to talk about three to four hour workouts as the norm, and "even longer" on Saturdays/Sundays/holidays/whenever he could find the time. He was one of those guys who trained every body part and muscle seperately "to achieve the correct look" (in his words) - so his workout would be endless sets and type of curls for the biceps, then extensions and other things for triceps, and so forth for every body. And that pretty much made up the three to hour hours.

Now if this is what someone wants to do - I have no problem with it whatsoever. It'll entail living in the gym, and oding nothing other than eating and exercising (and not necessarily causing much benefit to your body) but again, if thats what someone wants to do with his life, well, you'll find no objections from my end. To each his own, is what I say.

But - think about the workout times he mentioned. THREE to FOUR HOURS - and remember this was his daily routine - he'd do more on the days he could. And he wouldn't rest - not even for ONE SINGLE day in the week. Now I don't know about you - but I know I need some rest time at least. And I know I have other things to do with my life than sit around in the gym all day.

The sad thing is, this type of thinking is more common place than you'd think. Folks tend to think of exercising "an hour a day" as being imporant - but neglect to think about what exactly they are doing in that one hour. Kids grow up looking at the muscle heads on TV, and the "six packs" on show, and end up thinking they need to go on crazy diets and spend their lives in the gym to get good results. And guess what - in most cases, they DON'T get good results from overloading their bodies to that degree. Remember yesterday's email mentioning the folks in the park? Well, the same logic applies here as well.

Anyway, reminds me of a day when this guy had done a "super grip" workout the other day, and wanted to check out how his strength had improved as compared to mine. Now, I had done my normal workout the day before - nothing different. We grasped each other mitts - he attempted to crush  my fingers for a while - and then when he saw he wasn't having any success, he suddenly muttered something about not feeling well, released my paw, and retreated to the water cooler. So much for that one and a half hour "grip blast" that he did.

As for me, you know what I do. I emphasize brief workouts - that are TOUGH - and that get you working at a much higher level of intensity than you would normally. And they get you supremely strong and fit as a fiddle - and this without having to spend all day exercising. My own workouts don't generally last beyond 30 minutes at most - the only exception to this if I'm doing some new movements or learning a super tough exercise - other than that, I don't go beyond 30 minutes at most. In fact, on some days I'll only do TEN minutes - and thats more than sufficient as well.

So, always remember that your workouts need not last the entire day. Fiften to thirty minutes a day is really all you need - in fact, if do things correctly, you won't be able to do anything else after that. Exercise the way I teach you in Fast and Furious Fitness - get your workout done in a short amount of time - and then proceed with the rest of your day, while feeling on top of the world - and getting BETTER results than those that are spending their lives in the gyms.

Well, my friend, thats it for today. Gotta head over to the good old Post Office to ship out some copies of Fast and Furious Fitness.

Best regards,


PS: Always remember - Exercise hard and regularly - but do so in a SENSIBLE manner!

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