Friday, 07 May 2021 10:52

More on serial refunders ...

And at the outset again, this is one where Schofield is not the "guilty" party.

If he was, believe me, I'd call him out on it, but his sum total of two followers he's sitting on right now, and the fact he doesn't even know how to leave a review that would truly impact sales (Bozo has no clue, hehe) - and write or read anything beyond "rumpus" ... well, it ain't him on this one.

He simply goes to the book page and then "Rahul said something, so I will!"

Like a little kid as it were.

So it isn't little man Schofield here if you get my drift (yes, I know I said that before, but I gotta be clear!).

These wackos, though, and I forgot to say it in the last email fall into a bunch of categories.

And if you're a business owner, or planning to write a book, or just interested in these things in general, then listen up.

The first category and this is by far the most - it's people that are addicted to the dopamine drip of "buying" and then experience buyers guilt shortly thereafter.

A certain "Cesar" from Vegas falls into THIS category. HE ain't alone either!

The same sort of people that watch Tv when they're supposed to be working out and doing something else either, and then feel the pangs of guilt/conscience if they have any bite at them.

And these people never have any intention of using the products in the first place.

Then second, "el cheapos" - like SChofield.

Like Charles rightly said, and this was proven roundly (pun intended, hehe!) when we met the Bozo showed up for dinner when Charles was supposed to, and gorged like a pig.

Really looking at him eat, you'd think he was a starving SOB that hadn't been getting fat on welfare induced crap food for ages ... (I mean really, dude's REALLY fat).

And of course, when it came time for the bill, he was nowhere to be seen.

"I gotta look for an ATM", said the Bozo.

As Charles said, there is always an excuse with Glyn.

He truly is pathetic, so I paid and I was done with it. Whew!

Not like I care about the piddly dinner anyway, but the only time Glyn lifts his fat butt cheeks up to pull out expired credit cards is when he snorts drugs in Chung King mansion in HK for some reason. I've got proof, yes, Charles ... (like I said).

But the el cheapos I'm referring to are looking to "quickly" read and then refund.

Before the refund time frame expires, and you can tell by how "quickly" these nutjobs refund and how Amazon then blocks their accounts a while later.

Which they should!


Like a certain "Andrea" on Amazon I won't mention here ...

But anyway, the third category are THIEVES looking to plagiarize, and thats happend to me a lot.

It worries a lot of writers and biz owners to be frank.

And rightfully so, but remember on thing - and most don't,

The bozos can never copy and be YOU.

and if you do it right, and have real customers - then they're buying YOU - not so much the product - that cannot be duplicated.

You, my friend, once you're authentic and honest, like Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics and rightly so, are UNIQUE.

And you can't be duplicated no matter how people try!

I keep telling folks that.

Precious few listen, but remember, these scam artists can make you a LOT of dough if you do it right!

So these are the three main categories I've come across.

And my most trolled book - I'l llist FIVE here.

Pushup CEntral.

Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

Shoulders like BOULDERS!

And the king of them all, Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Do with this info what you will, friend, but there it is!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Back soon!