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Am I “dirty” for showering in the late AM, or night, even?

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Its funny how the human mind processes things ...

And how HABITS are formed.

For years and years and years and years, even when in China, I was of the opinion and bent of mind that the first thing you did upon waking up in the morning was (after coffee and a dump) was get into the SHOWER.

And stay there for a good 10 minutes or so.

This routine was so ingrained in me that I learned something new while doing it

That being, the benefits of COLD water showers in the EXTREME winters – not out of choice, but “necessity” (somehow those heaters in China find a way to give up when you need ‘em the most, hehe).

(It’s usually a small thing, but they usually give up when you want to take a QUICK shower and are pressed for time. If it CAN go wrong, probably will!).

Anyway ...

I’ll write about that later, but for now?

When I first floated the idea of doing what the Chinese do, which is to steadfastly shower at night, and usually never before, I was looked upon as crazy.

“Thats dirty”, people told me.

Hmm ....

When I Told the Chinese?

“How can you not shower at night! Thats gross!!”

Or, what Carol told me.

“I can’t imagine how you’d get into bed without a shower at night!”

(Not EVERYONE told me this sort of thing, but the vast majority of people in China DID, and DO until today, and those that didnt, probably just didnt and would anyway. Hehe).

Then when I went to the Middle East for an ill fated few months, it seemed like the “mid day time” (as they put it) was the time to shower, take a siesta, and so forth.

A two hour break between work seemed as alien to me initially as the shower at night first did, when I first got to know of it.

But I got used to it.

(Company I was at for a brief while did it’s damndest to pinch an extra hour out of its employees so in essence and really speaking it was a very hurried one hour break – I mean barely enough time to even sneak in a meal, because you were using company transport to go back and forth and other rubbish, but this isn’t about that ... but anyway ... point begets).

(The other hour they tried to pinch was mostly peopel sleeping al through it). Real work only started around 3PM ...

But again, and the point of all this 

Yours truly for one doesnt shower in the morning these days.

I prefer to get my WORKOUT in first thing in the morning. And THEN Shower.

If I dont workout in the mornings, then I’ll wait until I do, and then shower.

Often times, if I’m exceedingly busy, it will be a long night shower.

Do I feel “dirty” in the morning?

I Dont think so, my friend, and I haven’t been “stinking: any either.

I could never understand how smells and stinks somehow miraculously make their way into a clean bed! (to manifest in the morning).

They DON’T. It’s a matter of HABIT.

Nothing against morning showers either, for those that like it.

But again, the point begets.

There isn’t “one right way”.

The point is, to do it 

If you do what many peiople in China and India do in the winters, which being to NOT shower at all for days, and do so very sparingly so that a NASTY, NASTY, PUTRID stench comes out of the person – then I’d say hell no.

(and it’s both men and women. The women cover it up with perfumes and the like, but you can still “smell it”. UGH! And the men .... well, they dont even cover it up).

But otherwise ...

Fitness wise, SAME thing.

There is NO one right way my friend.

You may find that pull-ups done BEFORE your hill climbs work best. For you.

For me, they did for a while!

You may find that for a period you do NOTHING but Hindu squats

I did!

You may find that doing less is indeed more – as I’ve found!

And so forth.

Point being – do what works for YOU – and this is something I emphasize in all my books and courses.

And just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Picjk up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here.