Wednesday, 23 September 2020 12:45

When that SHOE starts to PINCH . . .

Its interesting isn’t it?

The number of people willing to sacrifice their TRUE values and beliefs, and NOT say it like it is, not necessarily because they’re scared of any reprisals (or not) -  but because of the almighty DOLLAR?


Or Rupee. Or Rupiah. Or pound (ah, but we’ll get to that part later! ?).

Reminds me of a time when my “dear” Dad told me the following.

“Rahul, it’s great you’re honest and say it like is, even so, brutal honesty needs to be tempered with a modicum of practicality!”

Now, these are my words. He used the word “white lie” . . .and to give you some background don this, yours truly was working a job in the Middle East at the time.

And at a certain point, yours truly was blamed roundly up and down for sending an email he never did (actually, for “instigating” the sending of that email even though they knew I didn’t send it – don’t ask!).

And for not castigating the sender of the email, and apologizing on my behalf.

And for (most importantly) brazenly (according to them at least – boy, if they knew me NOW!!) denying I had anything to do with it.

Because I didn’t.

It was the truth.

Cost me the job in the end, because that was the point relations deteriorated big time.

Loss of face, and what not but anyway, point being this.

I have always been this way my friend.

A customer Jason who I’ve written about befofe emailed me recently telling me much the same thing.


I love your daily emails, and admire your frankness. However, my sincere advice to you (and please do not take it the wrong way) is to tone it down occasionally, especially the politics. You never know who may get ticked off!”

(and not buy your products is what he didn’t say, but meant, and before y’all reading this start, he’s a Gorilla Grip customer, and has nothing but GREAT things to say about not just that one initial course, but the entire series).

Now, I guess I could put a call to action here but I won’t .

Instead, back to my response.

I’ve always been this way my friend.

I could care LESS if that approach costs me dollars, pennies, or makes me the same.

I was the same way when I barely had two cents to rub together (or dimes) – and I’m the same now.

Ain’t nothing changed bro.

Like I wrote about a while ago, my values are what I care about and standing up for, and doing the RIGHT THING, and I WILL Go to the ends of the world to say things to that extent. Regardless of business lost/gained.

End of the day, when we “go”, as I recently was chatting with Charles (Mitchell) about, all we have is a satisfaction of having made a difference by doing the right thing! At least, that’s how yours truly views it.

And on that note . . .

I get this same sort of thing a lot of time when I write my posts on China and the CCP.

And I gotta say this my friend.

Tom Tomming (I seem to have patented the word! ?) – and TRUE support are about as different and unique from each other as bread from meat.

Oil and water.

And so forth.

They do NOT mix.

Not even a little. No overlap. No congruence.


Wei Shenmo, some may ask.

Well, because . . . but before I get into that, let me say (or point out) something.

Ever notice that most, if not ALL the China tom tommers (actually, ALL) that praise the current Chinese regime up and down, and say (either literally or figuratively) that it can do NO harm, wants peace, never spread the China plague, and most certainly does NOT want war with any country, and never ever entertained any thoughts of global dominance, never does any wrong in Tibet and Xinjiang, and so forth, and well . . . you get the drift, but (and I know, this is long!) ever notice these guys all have MONEY (business) interests involved?

Like Donald Trump recently said in his rally at PA (and he’s damn right as usual).

“Russia, Russia, Russia, that’s all you hear about. But they ignore the real threat, China. No-one says a word about China. They all have their little deals going on”

(And yes, the She She Pee did take care to become that octopus with tentacles of many forms, shapes and guises as opposed to the erstwhile Soviet Union, but they’ve forgotten that its fairly simple to chop off the head of an octopus or snake if you know how! ?).

Usually people that are scared that China is their only option and they best not alienate it.

Or loser “ESL” teachers whose only option back home is public welfare, shared housing and the like . . .

Hey, don’t get me wrong. If you’re a GENUINE teacher there, so be it, but you wouldn’t fall into the tom tomming category then anyway (a past supervisor of mine comes to mind – a true business person but I’ll let it be for now).

You’d be either silent or joining me in approval. Probably the former, and that I can handle.

Hey, no sense upsetting the apple cart eh.

But the tom tomming is what I Can’t stand, and it’s usually losers from some of the above categories that do it the most.

A certain “Wacko Scholfield “comes to mind and on that note . . .

Dude, look.

Let me be flat out honest.

I care not if you’ve got no work in your life other than making racist memes of myself and spreading them over the place, or stealing money from women (who have likely filed yet more police complaints against you) and then claiming myself or someone else was in bed with them, doing drugs, going off the rails every so often, and of course haunting the Internet to make up for lost time when you were locked away in god only knows which jail or looney tune bin.

Probably the latter, I suspect (although I DO remember you jumping bail . . . ).  .  .

But really.

I care NOT. I could care less, to be honest.

I could care less if you badger Charles up and down with 200 plus messages daily with “new names for yours truly” to add on to the burgeoning and rapidly so 650 plus “uncomplimentary names” list.

Hey, I will even stand for your right to be a loser, and do so openly. Honestly! ?

But what I can’t handle is you bring a ROYAL (sic? In more ways than one! Hehe) PEST.

Yes, you heard me.

If you’ll stop being a PEST, I might, might (emphasis) just do what you’ve been hankering after all this while (and since you’re no doubt glued to the screen waiting for my next dispatch, I figured I’d say it here).

That’s my only request, or demand. Take it or leave. It. That’s how it’s going ot be my friend. If you pester me, you’ll get called out. Don’t, and you’re free to spread your filth to other like minded folks. You won’t hear a peep outta me!

Even during your tom tomming and posting about me on your WeShat moments (I mean, dude, really. We all know you need attention, but that sort of thing is just pathetic, like asking someone to do your dirty work for YOU because you’re too much of a pussy to do so yourself). . .

Anyway, where was I before I got into that rant.

The difference between truly supporting something or a country or someone, and tom tomming.

REAL support involves an honest and open appraisal/analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

(and saying “China can do no wrong” because you might not get that ESL job or the purse strings from your Chinese S.O. doesn’t count my friend).

Everyone has ‘em. Both.

As my wife recently said during an argument of sorts,

“No-one is right all the time”.

She wasn’t referring to me, but she’s right. Spot on. Dead right!

I don’t care if it’s me, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, the Pope, or Donald Trump, “to err is human”
 and no-one is right all the time.

Least of all the CCP.

Those that truly care about the country (yours truly, and MANY OTHER CHINESE!) are pointing out the obvious flaws, shortcomings and debacles the CCP is getting the country into for their own selfish interests (not to mention become the Chinese equivalent of Nazi Germany).

Those that truly want the country to do well and have a soft spot for it (might sound amazing, but I love the PEOPLE of China!) will always be HONEST about the country and it’s dealings.

And of course, we all know what happens to said people.

Jail time and reprimands. More of the former than the latter, I gotta say.

(and yes, this list of people, at least the Chinese bunch includes people that are by all angles SUCCESFUL and do not, I repeat, NOT, fall into the “financially insecure” category).

In fact they fall into the “Very financially secure so long as they don’t say nothing bad about the PRC” category.

And yet they say it, because they CARE.

THAT, my friend, is the difference!

Now, politics aside, fitness you ask.

Well, the same damned thing applies.

Those that pooh pooh and rubbish bodyweight exercises in favor of booybuilding – are guess what.

The very people that CANNOT do the bodyweight exercises!

Be those either pull-ups, pushups, or handstand pushups (just to name a few off the top of my head).

Especially pull-ups and handstand pushups, which is a combo guaran-damn-teed to turn you into a bonafide ANIMAL, a RUMPUS KICKING one at that very quickly!

So says Mr Handstand pushup, and anyone that’s acutally done the thing.

Or those that claim “gyms are essential”! (usually you’ll see these folks handing out memberships to others as well . . . ).

And so forth.

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough, so I’ll stop here. On yet another note, someone recently messaged me and asked me about “doing that one thing that NO-ONE, not even your most ardent detractors can criticize you for” (something I wrote about a coupla weeks ago).

Apparently she can’t find her “sweet spot”, and that’s fine. Happens. But this one is already too long, so wait for me to do up another piece on that which I will shortly.

And that, my friend, truly ist hat.

Onward, upward, and BETTER!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Handstand pushup look cool don’t they? Wouldn’t it be cool for you to be called Mr. HandStand Pushup or BETTER some day? An Animal? BEAST? I bet it would, and yes, you gym goers want it the most – I can tell! ? Anyway here is the course that will get cranking out handstands and handstand pushups like there’s no tomorrow – Shoulders like BOULDERS. Jump aboard if you truly choose – and if you’re truly serious (no bitching and moaning or pissing and groaning about price please; I ain’t interested!).

So, it’s been an interesting day.

Wacko Glyn (remember, I wrote about him) has apparently been foaming at the mouth about something or the other and is getting his knickers in a twist that I blocked him on social media.

Along with a few other bozos.

And of course, his enablers seem to be at it, but this post isn’t about that. We’ll address that later!

For now, lets look at what Charlene, a reader from (apparently) South Africa had to say to me –

Im pretty sure I would break something if I try any of these but I do advocate strength training:) Glad you arent as clumsy as I am...hope one day I can at least achieve one handstand pushup. Good read!

(This was w.r.t my emails on handstand pushups a while back).

And then, to a recent post about hill sprints and pull-ups - -

Ah, Pushups are my nemesis! Can't even do one properly without my hubby helping me up however my hubby swears by pushups but I don't think he knows about the hill sprints before the actual pushup workout. Thank you, will def let him know or better yet, I will let him read your article:)

(now, I did write the article about doing pull-ups, but hey, pushups work as well . . . )

My responses were as follows:

Get good at regular pushups first, Charlene before moving to these. I'm a pretty clumsy guy btw, so if I can do it - anyone! Hehe. Coming from one whose wife once called him Mr Handstand pushup, hehe. Maybe I'll do a post about that soon!

And to the second . . .

Haha, keep trying Charlene! You'll get there - we all gotta start SOMEPLACE! ;-) And yes - the more you get in shape with hill sprints (but start out SLOW!) - the easier them pushups and pullups get!

Now ,key lessons and takeaways from all this (minus the wacko Schofield part , of course!) –

That one, you don’t necessarily need to be a trapeze artist or a hand balancing expert to do any of what I recommend, and even the handstand pushups.

Lots of people have asked me why I don’t include something on FREESTANDING handstand pushups in my books.

Well, I could – but Idon’t for the same reason I haven’t put out a book on doing one armed work as yet.

Because, for the vast majority of people, the BASIC stuff is what they a) need to get good at first, and b) they don’t necessarily even need anything beyond that.

Believe me, the stuff I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness and my other BASIC courses are enough to kick even seasoned trainees in the can the first few times they try it, and enough to give you a workout that will kick your BOOTY for the rest of your life, my friend.

Big time.

And if you don’t believe me, well, just TRY some of the stuff first.

But if you really want to go advanced (and even basic handstand pushups are advanced) ?

Well, that’s why I teach you how to do ‘em against the wall, and that’s why I teach you how to do it in a completely different manner than what most of the “experts” recommend!

And second, you gotta start someplace, and with a lot of ladies, pushups are best done on your knees when you first start.

And YES, ladies, you CAN do pushups, and YES, YES, YES, you can do pull-ups – and the latter better than guys in many cases!

I ain’t kidding you my friend. I’ve seen several examples of women that you wouldn’t necessarily consider bionic pump out pull-ups like no tomorrow while the gym bros gawk on in amazement (And the wackos stare and pull their you know what’s).


Believe me – you ladies can do bodyweight stuff out there just as well as guys can, and while pushups may be a bit of an exception to that general rule, you sure CAN do ‘em!

I’ll have more on this in future.

For now, let me end by saying that yours truly was and has often been labeled “Clums” (that’s right, without the “y”) because . . . well, he can be incredibly clumsy at times!

And if he can do handstand pushups, well, so can you – if you work up to it!

And that’s that for now. Back again with more sizzlers – yee haa!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the ONE DEFINITIVE course on handstand pushups that will get you from “clumsy zero” status to repping them out like there is NO tomorrow – Shoulders like Boulders.

This one may come across as a bit of a strange one to write about, but it’s really not.

And other than the obvious “well, bottom feeders suck, so you obviously shouldn’t be enabling them”, there are other reasons behind this.

Reasons I, after chatting with my friend Charles the other day would have told him but being he’d just ignore it (or he’d “listen, but wouldn’t hear” if you get “Alonzo Harris’s drift”, hehe), I’m saying it HERE!

To you guys, and indeed it holds as true for business and life as it does fitness.

So, some of you might remember Wacko Glyn.

The same wacko who made threats against me a while back, is (and has been on) on drugs for God knows how long, usually lives on either welfare or charity, and has stolen money from about a dozen different folks.

And “borrowed” from even more, with no intention to return it.

He currently owes my buddy money for flying him back (very gracious of Charles I must say, after all that’s transpired, but silly as well) from the Philippines where he fled after he was booted from China and apparently Hong Kong too.

(And don’t even get me started on the guy’s personal life, his weird fetishes etc. Hey, nothing wrong with a fetish if you have one, but judging by the number of women that came up to me and showed me screenshots etc of this dude literally pestering them up and down for related rubbish, I have just one thing to say – LOSER. With a capital L, and the rest too. Hehe). 

The same dude who even Hannibal Lecter (fictional obviously) would be leery of sharing a cell with, and even the mental facilities in Baltimore Maryland (I don’t know if that part was finctional! ?) would probably balk at accepting him.

Hey, there’s a limit to “bravery”. Or insanity . . . and associating with said wacko in any way, shape or form is just INSANE.

I’d rather run for the hills! Hehe. Which I’d rather do anyway of course, preferably in a sprint! ?

And enabling the dude’s lunacy takes it to a different level altogether.

Here’s how it usually goes down.

Dude wants help. Charles helps him.

Dude says thanks.

Few weeks later, he turns into the scorpion that bit the frog, and HOW.

Charles vows to “never help him again” as does his girlfriend (don’t get me started on that one, hehe).

And dude shows up sniveling a few weeks later, and apparently gains “sympathy” from the duo above.

“He’s turned over a new leaf”, they think. If there is one thing these sociapth types are good at it it’s making others think they’re “normal” and “turned over a new leaf”. Look at Ted Bundy for one, and you’d hardly think a maniac lay within!

Or Lecter in the movie . . . a cultured doctor outwardly . . .

. . . And while I ain’t saying above nutter is a cannibal or even a murderer he’s the “non violent” equivalent of the above.

Anyway, after the sympathy he’s gained, he needs help again.

OK, one last time they think.

They send him cash.

Which he blows.

On . . . well, we went there!

And round and round goes the merry go round my friend.

Now, there’s not much I can do if people continue to enable bottom feeders like this wackjob, and believe me, he isn’t the only looney tune running around there. Tons of them out there!

But I Can tell you this.

Anytime youre doing business, as my friend Dwayne said, there’ll be someone tryuing to put their hands into your pocket.

And (as your favorite fitness guru says, hehe) it’s usually a bottom feeder.

The kind that trawls the internet all day long looking for free or cheap stuff as opposed to paying for quality info and implementing it, and being done with it . . .

The kind that leaves idiotic reviews because “the information wasn’t worth what he paid for it”.

Yeah. Right. While my books ARE PRICEY, and while I DO NOT and never WILL offer any discounts (unless circumstances warrant it), the info in there is worth every penny and then some in gold.

And those that truly get it KNOW what I BE Talking about.

More than this though, the bottom feeders waste your time. And energy.

Bazillions of emails. Meaningless rants. Idiotic messages (in the case of nutzo above). And all the lot.

All in all, a massive DRAIN and drag me down.

And in business, you do NOT want to be associated with someone like that, and neither do you in life.

And there endeth “this particular sermon”, as they say.

As “Father Rahul” says, hehe (kidding).

Kiddin aside, if you have someone in YOUR life like this, write back and let me know – let US know – and we’ll give you advice on how NOT to enable him or her, if you are!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have always had a policy of NOT helping those who refuse to help themselves. And that’s why I keep telling people, simply investing in the product won’t get the job done my friend. YES, you do need to invest, but that’s the first step. Getting off your ass, and DOING what is said therein is the next and most important step. And if you’re not willing to put in the hard yards, well, you might as well NOT invest in my products. I only want people that are dead serious about fitness, and not the lookie lous, bottom feeders, time wasters and such. Sorry if that offends, but ‘tis TRUE, my friend. It’s true!

I can just feel it . . .

The China tom tommers, the naysayers, the lefto nutjobs, and nutjobs in general willing me NOT to say what I’m about to (because deep down inside they know it’s the TRUTH and has, as a friend of mine once said, the “ring of truth to it”) – and hate me for saying it even before I say it, hehe.

So be it.

Say it I WILL, regardless of what others want me to do my friend.

And as always, it starts with a story or two. ? (Hint, Hint!)

I was speaking with a friend from Taiwan the other day, a person that took forever and a day to get back to my “Hi” message. Which is all good, of course. She’s got business and matters in her personal life keeping her less than “not busy” (yeah, we’re talking China, so I better get roundabout too eh ?) so thatsall good.

Anyway, we were discussing the current situation, and of course, given the state of affairs, war in general.

And Taiwan is likely to be one of the first places (along w/the heavily militarized on both sides now India – China border that war breaks out, so . . . she was a little more than interested!

And a comment she made was interesting, if just for what she said AFTER that.

“I hope India and China have a massive war soon!”

Hmm, OK. It’s pretty much inevitable, and what she meant was “since China is doing the wrong thing and being brazen about it on multiple fronts it’s time for India to stare it down (as the other big power in Asia) an dtell it to, well, sod off).

And she’s right.

But she hates India. By her own admission, the “government of India does nothing”.

India has a terrible human rights track record”.

Then she went on to refer to the casteism which unfortunately is still rampant in India. And the general shoddy state of affair, and of course, the crimes against women.

And she pretty much tarred the entire country with ONE brush, that being “I like India, but only because your enemy’s enemy is my friend!”

Now, was I “offended” by any of this?

Hell no.

In fact, I’m glad she trusts me enough to give me her TRUE OPINION of the country.

And as far as China and the CCP goes, the less the better on her opinion.

But here’s the point.

Amidst that entire India rant, there was not ONE POSITIVE thing said about the country. Despite us discussing Donald Trump before, and how by this lady’s own admission, NOT MINE “I don’t like Trump’s comment on woman, but overall he’s right, and we have to look at the overall picture).

And did she look at the overall picture, or even START to in terms of India.

Again, a resounding hell no.

And this ain’t surprising one damn bit. The Chinese in general (Han Chinese, NOT The minorities) have this concept of racial superiority over EVERYONE (don’t believe me? Do your research, and you’ll see!) and in terms of India, they’ve always thought the Indians to be INFERIOR in ever regard.

“How dare India punch above it’s weight (or what they think it’s weight is)” went one stupid little editorial in the Global Times recently, but I digress . . .

Racism, for those that don’t know is rampant in China, both amongst their own people and to expats in general, and is not only encouraged, but condoned. And if you’ve seen the “blacks not allowed” signs in Mc Donalds in GuangZhou etc that were doing the rounds even on heavily censored social media in China, well, you know what I’m talking about.

Words have a vibe my friend.

And the vibe I felt from what she was saying was simple.


Which is fine, of course. At least she was honest about it!

Now, am I saying said problems don’t exist in India?

Hell yes they do.

Big time, and yes, she’s right on a lot of those, but again, overall picture anyone?

Was Taiwan the beacon of democracy it is now when Chang Kai Shek took it over?

Hmm. No to say the least!

Is mainland China without it’s issues? Forced abortions, mostly female unborns, due to the one child policy.

An economy built on shaky fundamentals to say the least, with callous disregard for human rights, and the environment and HORRIFIC treatment of anyone that opposes the She She Pee in any way, shape or form (publicly)?

And more . . .

My point is this. Overalll picture.

But it’s funny how it works. My Dad once told me I “hate India because I think the people were dark and dirty” (along with the requisite facial expression).

Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that my family and me don’t really have a relationship. Haven’t for ages, and it don’t look likely to happen any time soon.

But I gotta say this.

NO, Dad, the “white man is not secretly racist”.

NO, Dad, I do NOT hate India. I hate the problems, and most of all the fact that government is so corrupt and inept that they do nothing to address problems that should have been addressed EONS ago.

That doesn’t equate to hating the people, or thinking what you said I did!

And of course, this brings me back to Claude Bristol.

As we think, we are, and if Communist China got that way due to thinking and tacit acceptance by the Chinese public, then in India . . .well, you get the drift. Hate me for saying it, sure. I don’t care.

But, it’s TRUE.

Anyway, where was I amongst all this.

Ah yes.

Why the West will stand w India . . .

Because amidst all the chaos, India is at least HONEST about its problems, and even the callous attitude towards SOLVING the problems.

People openly don’t care, and that’s at least taking a stance on things! I might not agree with the stance, but it’s a stance regardless, and I respect the right of folks to take whicver stance they so choose.

But China?

I have said often that China is all smoke and mirrors.

And despite what the China tom tommers blather on about “China being the next world power” (sorry guys, but it ain’t, and never was), their economy is built on the same thing.

Take away the gloss and glitter, roads leading to nowhere, glitzy almost empty malls and roads leading to nowehere, and you have the same sorry mess that is currently there in India, except it’s suppressed and hidden.

AND THEREIN LIES the NUB of the matter.

The ring of truth as my friend from the Marines once put it, and “India’s always been a little different!”

Or, even the lady from TW.

“India’s a free country!”

And THAT freedom, that OPENNESS and that HONESTY is, more than economics, I believe why the West is standing with India NOW, and has for decades (never so much as now, but they’ve never been really against the country either).

Democracy, openness, and HONESTY.

Sure, there are problems in both America and India.

But in neither country are those problems covered up.

Take the plague for instance.

The Chinese figures are obviously all BS. Even for a country that planned and released this hell onto the entire world (and stockpiled masks etc in advance), the number of deaths or cases reported is way, way too low than it should be or you’d expect.

At least India and America, and the rest of the civilized world are TRANSPARENT about the havoc that it’s wreaked on them!

There is no second guessing. It is what it is. No smoke and mirrors. Just the TRUTH.

Take it or leave it.

And therein my friend lies the reason why people will ultimately side with India, and the side of true civilization (indeed, India is reported to the oldest civilization in the world as opposed to overhyped China).

And are, for that matter!

And that’s my two cents on it. Take it or leave it, and this sort of thing is EXACTLY what Secretary Pompeo, Donald Trump, and a lot of others have been saying, albeit in different words.

And it’s about the FEELING.

What feeling do you, the dear reader get about all this on India – and China?

I think that one last question can answer this entire debate, and it also answers why I consider Donald Trump to be not just he greatest U.S. President of ALL TIME, but also the greatest marketer.

Not only does he say what people think, but more importantly, what they FEEL!

And that, my friend, is really all there is to say about that. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – If political pieces piss you off, well, the Unsubscribe link is there for a reason. At the end of the day, I ain’t gonna muzzle my opinion on nuttin if you get my drift. And if it’s just fitness you’re after? Well, this here page is where you go my friend: 0 Excuses Fitness Products.

Sunday, 20 September 2020 07:36

Hindsight, fitness, and more . . .

So, hindsight is always 20/20 eh?

And it is.

I was talking to a friend of mine this afternoon about this, and many memories came flooding back.

A country I fell in love with at the callow age of 17 . . . if just due to the sheer FREEDOM it offered, and the “smell of opportunity”!

A jaunt down to the local U.S. Army recruiting center . . .

China, way back in 2004 when I first showed up there - - and believe it or not, that China was a far, far nicer place to be in than the China of TODAY.

Yes, they were hiding their strengths and biding their time!

But it was still a nicer place to be, and much much more “open” in many regards. The Internet etc wasn’t near as closed as it is now, and in general, it was just a far nicer and “developing” place to be – which again, in turn meant OPPORTUNITY – and there was lots of it back then!


The polar opposite, and that’s sad, because the Chinese people as a whole didn’t really do much to “Deserve” what is going on now.

Then again, did they not?

As we think, so we are. The great Claude Bristol wrote about this in the Magic of Believing, and he’s RIGHT.

I find it hard to believe that Communist China could have and does keep more than a billion people literally under it’s thumb without those people “tactitly agreeing” to the repression (and worse than that if we’re talking about the Ughurs and other ethnic minorities) . . .

. . . anyway, where am I going with this, you might ask?

Damned good question. Other than the numerous flashbacks pouring in, I’m not quite sure myself!

But the trip to the US Army recruitment center stands out, and I was chatting with my friend about it this morning . .  .

Many other things do as well, but this email is about hindsight. If’s, but’s, maybe, many things!

And while yours truly could certainly have probably joined the Army, or Marines, or perhaps even stayed on long term in the US, it didn’t quite work out that way due to various reasons.

If you read Think and Grow Rich, or “Outwitting the Devil”, or any of the other books by Napoleon Hill, a man roundly ridiculed in his time as a “charlatan”, but revered today as a thought leader and indeed a visionary, you’ll find one common thread.

At least, the thinkers amongst you will.

You’ll see that the guy could have done damn well anything he put his mind to, but for whatever reason, down the years, despite all the many businesses he was “into”, he never really succeeded until he found and STUCK to his main purpose in life (and finding that itself was a journey that took many many years!).

WHAT is it that you were truly brought onto this planet to DO, my friend?

WHAT is the ONE THING that nigh on NO-ONE - - even your worst enemies would even think of criticizing you for?

That ONE THING is the thing you were meant to do and until you find out that thing, and DO it, well, hindsight’s will keep popping up in mind!

And they did for me today, but not for the reason mentioned above.

Yes, sometimes yours truly sits back and reflects upon “what if I had done this”.

What if I had taken a different path. Made a different choice. NOT made all the mistakes I have, and still do.

Had more support.

Was “shown the right direction” (and more importantly in the right WAY, as a professor of mine tried to do once . . .) . . .

And after thinking about all of it, do you know the UNANIMOUS and unflinching decision I always arrive at?

That things always happen for a reason my friend.

And would I change a damn thing about the past, pleasant or not?

Hell no.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all those experiences shaping me!

And last, but not least, fitness wise?

Curiously enough, or maybe NOT, much like napoleon Hill, despite my many ups and downs, despite the uncanny similiarity my life thus far bear to Hill’s, there is ONE thing (that much like Hill) I have NEVER compromised upon.

Not for long periods at least.

My fitness.

Back then, I swam, and walked a hell of a lot up and down stairs etc. I wrote about that in the book on 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections!

In China, I did pushups and found my hill courtesy the very “stern” Miss Lee. Thank you Madam – that is the ONE thing I’ll remember you for, always will!

(A hill right next to my house, right under my nose, and I didn’t even know about it! Haha).

I then moved on to subway sprints during my couple of years in Delhi.

IN the Middle East, it was runs along the beach and hitting the heavy bag.

Back in China, back to my hill, and then . . . finally, well, 0 Excuses Fitness, and well, you know the rest!

Would I change a damn thing?

Hell no.

But fitness wise, this is the point I’m making.

Lots of people look back and say “oh, I COULD do this when I was younger”.

Or, “I wish I had done this . . . “

Well, unlike many other choices my friend, fitness is a choice where you aren’t constrained by much other than your own thinking and BODY.

And there’s always a way, my friend. Always a way if there is a will.

On that note, I’ll leave you be, but before that . . .

It ain’t about “what if” and “but” when it comes to fitness”, or hindsight.

It’s about doing the thing now – and getting to work – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can learn how I got into the best damned shape of my life – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Saturday, 19 September 2020 11:27

On truly letting GO . . . TRULY!

And receiving, receiving way, way more than you expected (and in forms you never thought possible!)!

When I first started 0 Excuses Fitness, I was “eagerly waiting for customers”. Every day, I’d check my email to see if I had new customers, and how many.

The sales.

I’d check it every so often during the day on all my various channels.

I’d even check occasionally in the middle of the night so “hungry” for success (at that particular endavor at that time) was I.

Now, this approach paid dividends, sure.

But do you know when my sales really started shooting through the ROOF?

When I really started meeting customers that form the very nucleus of my busines, the very CORE – customers that are REPEAT customers, own most of my books an dcourses and aren’t just avidly waiting for my next product; they’re on TENTERHOOKS For it!

When I truly let go.

And I’ve written a lot about this before.

When you let go is when your desires start to manifest my friend, and the more you let go, the more EFFORTLESSLY and often (amazingly enough) QUICKER than you thought possible.

The more you TRULY LET GO!

And most people no matter how smart or disciplined have a very hard time truly letting go of something they truly DESIRE.

Now to the unschooled, this may sound like a bunch of baloney.

But bear with me my friend.

Yes, if you really, really really want something youll obsess about it. As Napoleon Hill said, it’s impossible to really HAVE anything unless you work up DESIRE for that thing, a WHITE HOT SPARK of desire!

That could be via sexual transmutation. Could be via working out. Could be via just wanting the thing or occurrence or event so damned BAD!

Any which way, really.

But the other side of the coin is knowing when enough is enough.

And letting go.

Truly letting go, which means “stop caring about the outcome”, and HAVE FAITH!

Believe me, there is no desire small or big enough for the Universe to accomplish.

You get what you put into it, first of all.

Second, you only get once you show that you truly don’t “care” (even though you do).

If you’re desperately running after something, chances are you ain’t gona get it.

And if you telegraph “want” as opposed to “need” to the Universe, then guess what.

It will sense both those thing s (or the presence of the former, and the lack of the latter, or vice versa) and respond accordingly.

Like a well oiled machine, the best of them all!

I can recall so many instances of this.

Take for instance a year or so ago

I was craving some pizza. Big effing time!

Some GOOD pizza.

I could literally TASTE and smell the damn thing - - so badly did I want it!

And within 3 days of having this desire Marc the African silverback gorilla “just so happened” to invite me out for pizza – on him!

I had never spoken to him about this before.

I was going to buy a pair of shoes later that year I really wanted, but for some reason Amazon didn’t have ‘em.

And guess what.

Within a WEEK of that desire being telegraphed, the shoes showed up - - from a different source - - at less than half the cost without me even buying em!

Mysterious indeed are the ways of the Universe, my friend, and it’s only when we accept what is, and accept that we have to have FAITH is that when things truly start to turn around for us.

ALL of us, regardless of what we’re into.

And it’s the same with fitness.

Have faith you’ll get a 100 pushups in a row.

Have faith the fingertip pushups will get easier.

Have faith the belly of Buddha will go away.

Provided you put in the hard yards, telegraph intention to the Universe, and truly do let go, there ain’t nothing “impossible” for you my friend – in any sphere of life, and I mean that from the bottom of my very heart!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best damned course on pushups, a course that has been garnering RAVE REVIEWS and then some – Pushup Central.

Friday, 18 September 2020 12:55

Float like a butterfly, sting like a BEE!

Whoever said boxing was a “barbaric” sport and not cerebral is an idiot.

Bar none.

And my own family has plenty of them, unfortunately.

Boxing is probably one of THE MOST cerebral sports my friend, and even if you don’t know the B of boxing, you gotta be dumb if you think comments like the above (made by Muhammad Ali no less) don’t show a SUPER BRAIN behind said comment.

Or, a comment like Mike Tyson’s “you can have all the plans in the world, but they ain’t gonna help in the ring when you get punched in the MOUTH!”

Or, sheer BRUTALITY combined with intellect.

“ I want to punch his nose through his brain (or something like that!) “ (Tyson)

And back to floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, the best of both worlds is exactly what that is, and is precisely what you need to be a champion boxer.

As I wrote in the last email, brute strength is great, but you gotta match that up with THINKING.

If you give me two massive guys, one dumb and one smart, the dumber one being bigger, all other things being equal I’ll take the smart guy.

Take a look at Marc, for instance.

Champ boxer.

And when I sparred with him, he put his defense down, and invited me to “hit” him (touch him while sparring obviously).

And I tried my ass off.

You’d think it was easy with the guy’s hands down, but dude’s a big guy, but has lightning fast footwork.

THAT is what you call black mamba in the ring!

As he once told me.

Snake’s tongue, Rahul. Snake’s Tongue (when I was jabbing).

I think I could barely keep my jab up during round #3 of sparring.

And I got him - - sum total of ONE time, and that too when he probably let his guard down a bit (and it was never fully  up!).

Or, when he once showed me a bare knuckle punch.


IT came out of nowehere, and hit me on the shoulders.

I FELT it. Believe me. It didn’t “hurt” me, but I’ve been hit far worse, and he didn’t do it to hurt me obviously.

But point is, it came out of nowhere, and though I was expecting it – POW!

He later told me that was 70% of his regular striking ability. Man, I can just imagine what he’s like at 100%, hehe.

And this sort of thing is precisely why I advocate bodyweight training, jumping ropes, squats etc as opposed to the mess at the gym.

These things keep you lean, mean, moving QUICK like a jungle cat. Or a fighting machine!

And they build your strength up to the point you can float like a butterfly all day, but when It comes time to strike?


Black mamba, or perhaps a BEE.

And that, my friend is the message I want to give you in this one. Take it or leave it - - up to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – THESE movements mentioned here will give you the best workouts you’ve ever had, not to mention get you in the best damned shape of your life QUICK - - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Thursday, 17 September 2020 13:07

Can YOU RUN FAST enough – to save your life?

Ok, here I go again with sprints, and Bourne sprints at that!

I’ve made NO secret of my liking for the Bourne series. Although the books were ten times better than the movie (aint that always the case my friend), Matt Damon does the role justice in a way only he can.

Truly a legend, and I’ve mentioned before that the “Supremacy” is my favorite installment in the series.

And mostly because of the workout montages, and no, unlike the first, there’s no pull-ups involved.

But there is something arguably even more intense and BRUTAL and a super muscle and strength (and health) builder than that in the movie – something I talk about in Advanced Hill Training.


Done right.

In the movie, you see Bourne sprinting all out at the start as a workout, and in the middle of it, he’s literally doing that and more – to save his life.

And the reason I bring it up is the world we live in today, as well as “no reason in particular”

But the question begets.

Can you run ALL OUT – I mean ALL OUT for more than 30 seconds at a stretch, or even half?

Can part of that be in crazy traffic and uphill/up stairs?

CAN you do what Bourne did which looks spectacular and that which I’ve mentioned before – i.e. jump onto a Metro platform with  a train headed his way full tilt, jump UP AND OUT of the way in JUST The nick of time, and repeat, and then fly off the platform, quite literally!

Or jump off it, but youget the point.

And then do a version of a pulling movment on the underside of a bridge with a fractured knee?

You get my point, my friend!

I’m happy to report most of this is doable for me. Perhaps not 30 seconds all out for me, but 15 – YES.

And perhaps more than that as well.


No problem.

Not sure about the Metro stuff, but I CAN do the jumps themselves (box jumps I believe they’re called) and so should YOU (try to work on it) if you can’t do ‘em – one of the best plyometrics ever (Charles, the book is on it’s way – iteration #2 as it were due to the computer crash, but it’s on it’s way!!).

But anyway, point of me bringing it up is not to brag, but rather add this skill on to that rather long list of things I wrote about once about “every man should be able to do things to save his own life if need be”

Or something to that effect.

And I’m sad to say it, but the vast majority of modern men cannot even BEGIN to do said things.

And as the world goes to bits around us, my friend, the one thing we CAN CONTROL is ourselves, and our fitness.

And if there is one takeaway from this email, ONE MESSAGE that I can and damn well WILL give ya, I t’s this.

Take care of your health and fitness my friend.

The right way.

Not only is it the best damned investment you’ll ever make, but it might just save your life ONE day!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and here is the System that will put the fundamentals in place for the best damn fitness gains of your entire LIFE. You wouldn’t build a skyscraper without putting in the building blocks, right? Well, the same holds true for fitness!

PS – Serious fitness fanatics only please, or the average Joe that WANTS to get in shape and FAST – and faster than anything else in the world. No lookie lous or time wasters please – waste someone else’s time (or as my daughter likes to say “haunt someone else’s dreams”) if that’s you!

PPS -So says Mr. Fast. ?

Sunday, 13 September 2020 07:47


The kind of moments that COUNT, that make you really feel it . . . and as I almost burst into tears (literally).  .  .

But wait. Let me recount from start to finish (or mostly everthing, for that matter). As is the case I’m writing this here first email of the day for ANY of my businesses BEFORE I check my email, sales, the news, sh-news, and the latest “chit chat” on Weshat, whatsapp, or any of the other apps.

In fact, I SHUT down all those apps on my phone before I go to bed.

Which for whatever reason right now is a . . . ah, but we’ll get into that later as well. But anyway, I shut down all those annoying apps - - and in the middle, I used to turn off my WIFI and data as well.

I think I wrote to you a while ago about turning off my WIFI service, and seeing if I “lived”  without it. Turned out I did just fine, and the reason I do what I do is so I’m not besieged by annoying messages the moment I wake up.

I’d rather have my FIRST thoughts of the day.

Anyway, my wife and me were going at it. As usual, or sometimes I should say. We can be an “Italian couple” on occasion!

“Yes, and the car DOES matter”, she was pouting (I believe).

“I’m buying a new one next month!” she triumphantly said. “A Skoda at that!”

Does any of it really matter, I remember asking her.

“Yes it does!”

Whatever, I replied.

And there we were a few hours later sitting in a “get together of sorts”. My wife’s friends mostly, all huddled around to convince me that it “did matter”.

I took it for a while. Listened to all the BS.

And then, as is my wont, I piped all of a sudden.

“Look dude”, I remember telling one particularly annoying fat slob (a doctor if I remember right!).

“I could care less if you think your three houses, fifty cars, retinue of servants and what not is the most important thing on the planet. Hey, go for it. But I don’t!”

“He doesn’t care about anything!” my wife sagely noted. “All he’s interested in is writing and getting those darn books of his out. And talking about topics that don’t interest me at all!”

“Well, why are you still with me”, I Remember laughing.

“You have a great job, a great paycheck” (NB – this isn’t exactly the case in real life, but we’ll get into that more below! ?.

“Yet, you continue to choose to stay “stuck with me”” I said.

And back to dude.

“Dude. What I care about it shit that matters. And what I care about is that I CAN knock your damn lights out if I want to regardless of all your external accrouments if you pester me up and down all damn hour long like you’ve been doing a while”.

That seemed to shut him up.

A short while later, the “doorbell” buzzed I believe.

“Ugh”, I said. “Again!”

“There”, my wife piped up. “HE’s a hermit that prefers to live in a cave!”

(Hey, I wrote about THAT before too! ? Mr Wolf doing handstands . . . )

Anyway, the seas were a rolling outside.

Wave after threatening wave, and the skies were GREY, dark, and overcast. We were out at sea on the USS Alabama (I don’t know why that name comes to mind!).

And then I left the “soiree”.

Retreated to my quarters, talked to my mates.

All of whom were heavily bandaged from the war.

The kind you don’t see in the movies. Not the pretty scars that leave the hero looking even more like a hero.

REAL scars. REAL ugly stuff that occurs in battle, and we huddled around in solidarity.

And there was a book lying on the floor.

A green hardcover book, and idly I looked at it.

The cover was flipped open, so I flipped it back.

And I saw it. The silverback gorilla staring up at me, and the words “Gorilla Grip – Advanced” staring back at me.

It was MY BOOK!

And obviously one of these men had bought it  . . .

A wellspring of emotion bubbled up in me, but I kept in check.

And then one of the dudes piped up. Heavily bandaged, barely able to move.

And he stooped down (I know I make it seem like he was old, but he wasn’t. Some were young, some middle aged, but none old. The travesties of real war as it were. Men up top make the decisions, and the brainwashed masses believe they’re fighting for their “country” and EVERYONE in the middle dies. Not mine, but a short version of what Rambo said in Rambo IV) and picked up the book.

“You know, that’s a damned good book!”

And I woke up, ready to burst into TEARS. Literally, so powerful was the emotion that I wrote it down pronto in my dream diary, and am now sharing it with YOU.

My buddy from the Marines once “broke down” when we were sharing a few beers together, and he called me up the next day and said the following.

“Hey man. I’m sorry! I lost control!”

My response?

“Don’t be! That happens, man! After all, what do guys drink together for? Man, that happens!”

And it does, my friend. It does. Especially when “old war horses” get together to share memories, drinks etc . . .

Anyway, before all this the current India China conflict where the situation is very dangerous poised right now (despite what the “sh-news” tells you, the two countries are already in a limited conflict that could involve the whole world) was flashing HEAVY in my mind.

I was dreaming about SOMETHING related to that all night long, and a sentence was appearing in my mind just as vividly as all the above did (I can still remember the color of the sea!).

And oddly enough, I’ve forgotten what it was, since that was the “first dream” of the night, and I never did write it down.

I DO write everything down, of course, but sometimes, when Im in deep sleep, I just turn over and let the dream continue and figure I’ll write it down “later” which usually works, but sometimes not!

Anyway, I will probaby read about the exact same thing on the news later, or hear about it somehow. Prophetic I know, but that’s how these dreams tend to be for me.

Point of all this? The emotion?

Why did I almost burst into tears?

Because my work is getting into the right hands, my friend. People that matter. People that do the right thing, and are willing to fight and die for the freedoms the rest of y’all enjoy.

People that don’t believe in kitty party BS.

People that are the REAL deal.

Real MEN. Real soldiers. Real WARRIORS.

And to all of you out there, my friend, a tip of the hat, and a cold one from me. You guys are the reason I do this, and you deserve it! ?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, that was a real dream. Happens to me often . . . often times, I’ll see sales in my dream before they actually occur!

PS – Anyway, HERE is where you can pick up the original Gorilla Grip. And HERE is where you can pick up the COMPILATION -

Whatsupppp CHUCKKOOOOO .. .

. . . or at least, that was the first thing I wanted to say to Charles aka “Chuck”, the guy (not the loyal and down to earth customer Charles, but the other guy) I’ve written about a lot . . .

. . . he used to be a fairly honest and down to earth guy, but 2020 has changed a lot of people.

Truly the year of the survivor as it were, and truly the year where the CREAM rises to the top - - and Idon’t just mean fitness wise – I mean in all regards!

Anyway, what am I talking about, you might ask.

Well, a couple of posts earlier somewhere on these on my social media I posted a “politically” charged post on WeShat.

A form of social media I normally assiduously avoid due to the Chinese CCP censorship and monitoring, but a form of social media I just have to get on sometimes to talk to people that for whatever reason won’t and haven’t switched to less intrusive forms of social media (although they all do monitor, wechat takes things to giddy limits).

And what I basically posted about was the current unofficial war going on between India and China, and the fact that the Indians are finally giving the Chinese a taste of their own medicine, and how.

A lot has been written about how the Chinese view Indians as inferior, and how their economy supposedly dwarfs the Indian economy, how “India wouldn’t stand a chance”, and other such horse manure from the CCP “troll factory” or running dogs station.

Global Times being the prime moron here, which is basically a mouthpiece for the CCP.

One fine tweet from these idiots read as such “India has forgotten who it is”

Huh?? Racism (or intended) aside, what exactly do these buffoons think India, or the rest of the world is?

YES, we slept on things for way too long, but the plague you unleashed and a certain Trumpinator that was unleashed a few years ago changed all that permanently, and right now, it’s justa matter of time.

And that’s basically what I posted to weShat, or auto posted.

And Charles piped up, as he often does.

He was moaning about “why I posted here if I was bored (he thought I was) and had nothing better to do, and what would I accomplish by posting here”.


Well, first thing, Chuck-O.

My DEAREST, and former friend Chuck-O, and truth be told, you’re still a good dude, you’ve just been brainwashed . . . or you’re running scared of “them”.

What good does it do YOU To respond to my post?


I thought so!

Look, dude.

I don’t care if you believe the CCP is the best thing since sliced bread, and if you quote Global Times as a reputable source for what sgoing on globally, or choose to stick your head in the sand on a number of issues as you have and continue to do.

I don’t care if you call me a moron that “can’t speak English” (hey, remember that convo we had? ?).

And so forth.

I don’t give a shit either way.

But what I WILL RESPOND to, and what I DO CARE about is this, my friend.

My honor and integrity, and my reputation, and DOING THE RIGHT THING.

I am NOT GOING to stand by and let bullies “be bullies” and passively encourage them by pretending to roll overand play dead.

What is right is right ,and what is wrong is wrong, BOYO. You know this as well as I do.

You know very well what is going on.

You’re just shit scared you’ll have to return back home and . . . well, I won’t get into that. Your choice, your pregorative,  but when you come out and say I can’t say what I am, while you apparently can, I got THREE WORDS for ya.

No, NOT two words as “D-X” said all those years ago (man, them were the days!!). ?

Those being . . . (mine)


And doing the right thing, again.

A long time ago, when we met in person my honor and integrity was called into question by a certain someone you know very well (someone I won’t mention).

I looked you in the EYE when that was happening.

So did YOU.

And YOU WERE the first to REFUTE that statement!

My friend from the Marines (while chatting with me) once told me the following.

“You’re a man of high moral fiber, Rahul!”

And while the reasons he told me that were different from yours, right now, if you were here, I’d stand toe to toe with you and look you in the eye.

And look DEEP into your eyes!

Much like I did all those years ago, when you looked away . . .

I don’t care whose stronger, and who can pick up who and throw him out the window.

I don’t care about doing pull-ups (I do, but not).

What I truly DO CARE ABOUT is my HONOR and integrity.

And when there’s wrong being committed, I WILL go to the ends of the earth to expose that wrong.

And I WILL POST about it, and I WILL STAND toe to toe with you, look yoi in the eye (much as “Major General Michael” did all those years ago while drinking one fine night ?) and tell you the following.


And doing the right thing.

I don’t BS in any of my books and courses. That’s how it relates to fitness, for those asking!

My products deliver results, and while I ain’t everyones cup of tea, hey, end of the day, results are what count bro.

And as you yourself said, it ain’t how you start. It’s how you FINISH!

And on that note, me be finishing this here email. How dare I write that way. But hey, I’m the guy that can’t speak English worth a damn right Charles? ?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, none of this is posturing my friend. Always stand up and be counted and do the RIGHT THING – it will pay dividends down the line!

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