Well, well, well. It's been a chaotic few months for sure since I last wrote (yeah, I know, long gap again) - and things have changed once again at Fast and Furious Fitness "HQ" again. To cut a long and convoluted story short, we've now left the sands of Oman FAR behind, and are back where we were 8 or so months ago - back to India, that is. 

I'd really like to think this move back is permanent, at least as far as the Gulf is concerned - neither me nor Mrs. Fast and Furious Fitness wants to move back there, period. My current location is far from ideal, has more than it's fair share of problems, et al - but it's way better than a vast, open desert at any rate. Do miss a thing or two about the place - the runs along the beach for one, my old heavy bag which I had to leave behind (sigh), but overall, I've never felt better about leaving a place for good.

And on the workout front of things, back to India means back to my old workout haunt - the neighborhood park, or the "hood" as I like to call it fondly, mostly due to the motley collection of folks hanging around there with not much to do, but thats another story altogether.  .  .

This also means a very welcome return to a couple of exercises that I hadn't been able to do for a while now - and those are pull-ups on thick bars, and dips. I've spoken a lot about doing pull-ups on thick bars, and how they strengthen your entire body (especially your forearms, grip and fingers) beyond belief, but combine the exercise (or any of it's combinations) with dips done on thick bars, and you get a killer upper body workout. Throw in a a few ab exercises, and sprints (or a fast run, if you prefer), and you've literally hit the entire body in less than a hour.

Here's a short, but sweet workout along those lines that should have you hurting by the end of it: -

- Warm up with a jog, or stretching, or whatever gets you going

- Jump rope 5X100, interspersed with sets of 20 pushups between the rope jumping sets.

- Thick bar pullups 5x5, interspersed with thick bar dips 5x10 (or whatever works best for you). Don't be surprised if your traps feel like they're being torn apart while you do this!

- Hanging leg raises 3x 10 (or less, depending upon what you can do).

- Timed holds (again from a thick bar - shoot for 3 sets of 60 seconds each).

Ok, so thats a pretty decent workout there that should take no longer than 45 minutes at most, and should work you to the bone provided you do it right. . .

And last, but certainly NOT least, I've also noticed that the order page on the website is acting up - so those of you that tried to order during the last month have not been able to do so, and for that I apologize. I've contacted the powers that be on that one though, and am expecting an answer/fix soon - and will update as soon as the problem is resolved. In the meantime, feel free to email through any orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll take care of it just as we would if you had ordered online.

And that, my friend, is that for now. Be back soon with more updates on whats going on - and an update on the online order process as soon as it's up and running again!

Best regards,



Monday, 11 February 2013 18:15

Where HAVE I been??

Well, this one is long, long overdue for sure. If you've been following this site a while (and if your one of the many who have signed up for the daily newsletters and/or made purchases), then you've probably noticed the complete lack of communication from me for a few months now, both via email and on the website. I used to send an email to you on an almost daily basis, or weekly at the very least, but as of late, that has not been happening - and I owe you a (long overdue!) explanation for this.

So, where HAVE I been - and what have I been upto?

Well, many things, really - the short answer to this would be LIFE and it's many turns have been keeping me busy. REAL busy, so busy that I've not even found time to speak to you guys for a while, which is something I aim at rectifying at the very earliest.

Long answer?

Well, like I said - many things - amongst one, Mrs Rahul Mookerjee and myself discovered a while back that we're soon going to become parents. Yes, that's right - unexpected news, at least when we got to know, but still GREAT news, and something we've always wanted.

Second, as many of you already know, I moved to Oman a while back - this for reasons mostly unrelated to the Fast and Furious business, but reasons unavoidable all the same - and THAT has been keeping me busier than an industrious worker bee as of late.

I'll go more into detail on all this at a later stage, but for now, let's just say that I've been real busy - like unavoidably busy - and hence the silence for a few months.

Anyway, so what have I been doing for exercise during this busy time, you might ask. Have I been getting my workouts in as usual?

Well - the answer to that is YES - even if I exercise less frequently at times due to other committments. But yes, I've still been getting some great ones in - and whats even better is that I've been experimenting with some different routines, which look to be giving me good results as well. 

I'll share the actual "meat" of the workouts with you in emails to follow, but for now, I'll give you a brief overview:

- I've been getting a lot of my workouts in on the beach - great, great place to workout if one knows how to (and plus it's right HERE - prime example of using whatever "tools" you have at your disposal at the time). Workouts done on a flat surface are one thing, but add the uneven nature of a sandy beach in, and you take each exercise to a whole different level. Fingertip pushups as covered in Fast and Furious Fitness are a great example - they feel TWICE as hard when done in the shifting sand. Not to mention swimming in the ocean - a fantastic overall body workout which feels way different from workouts done on land, but offers many of (and some extra) benefits as well.

- Walking, climbing and running stairs has become a rather important part of my routine - and thats a good thing!! 

- The heavy bag has become a part of my routine, and I'm getting some fantastic workouts in on it. Stay tuned for further details on that one.

And more, but thats a brief synopsis. The important thing to note is that I'm still getting my workouts in despite being real pressed for time - and if your in the same situation as I am - so should YOU. Something else to note as well is that I'm not forgetting my old routines - not by a long shot. But, adding something new into your routine once in a while spices things up, keeps it interesting, and is usually always a good thing provided you stick with it for a period of time.

Anyway, more to follow, so much more to share with you - but that's it for now. Until next time, take care - and if your working out today, make it an awesome one!

Best regards,


PS: Fast and Furious Fitness gives you many routines you can stick with - even if you dont have very much time to get a workout in. Grab your copy today!

PS#2: Train hard, and keep at it!


Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:18

Keep your legs young

There is an old Chinese saying "Ren lao xian lao tui". Loosely translated into English, this means that the legs are the first to go when a person starts to "age". And I don't mean simply getting on in years - I mean "age", as in starting to wither away, suffer ill health, etc etc. 

This saying has been around for a while, and with good reason. Weak legs are a sure sign of not just being unfit - but also that a person is not in the best of health - perhaps older than his age otherwise might indicate. The day you start to have trouble climbing a flight of stairs, or walking a mile or so to the nearby store (and back) is the day you might want to sit back and take a good, long look at your health and overall fitness levels.

And, whats sad is that the majority of the people today don't train their legs with near enough seriousness as they should. This holds true for most gym goers as well - most folks in the gym are upper body crazy, but when it comes to train their legs, they're suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Not good - both from a health standpoint as well as aesthetic.

Look, if your a serious trainee (and that includes you guys that lift weights), then you simply MUST train your legs! Along with the neck and back (especially lower back) region, legs are an absolute MUST to train. In fact, a good leg and back workout is often better than hours of "focusing on the pectorals with the pec deck", or doing exercises for the "show muscles" (such as biceps). The reasons behind this are many, too many to list here, but the first is simply to keep your entire body young - as the Chinese say, keep the legs young, and the body follows suit.

Another reason is that working the legs HARD is one of the hidden (though it shouldn't be) keys to REAL strength, health and fitness levels. The legs of the muscles are the largest in the body, and working the legs hard results in a release of growth hormones all throughout the body - as well as ramps up your all important caridovascular system.

The result? Huge increases in overall strength, and less overall fat levels - can't beat that, me thinks.

And it's not as hard to train the legs as you might think. Walking is a fantastic, but overlooked exercise for the legs - and one you need to include in your daily routine somehow. And if you have hills in your area, walk the heck out of them - thats a workout all by itself!

Jumping rope is another excellent, but often ignored leg exercise. Part of the reasons combat athletes such as boxers have such high stamina levels is their jump rope routines, which often consist of thousands of reps daily. And we don't see many fat boxers around at a professional level, do we?

Leg training is the first chapter in the exercises part of Fast and Furious Fitness, and rightfully so. I speak about leg training in detail there, and also give you a REAL LIFE example of what happened when I started to include hill training into my daily routine in China - be sure and grab your copy NOW to read all about that.

So, moral of the story? Work the legs regularly, and work them hard - the hard work required is well worth it at the end of the day!

Best regards,


PS: Yes, leg workouts can literally tax the entire body like it's never been taxed before. To learn how, click on over to Fast and Furious Fitness NOW.

Does training daily mean you are “over training” – and thus making your workouts counter-productive to what they should be? This is an oft-asked question, and an even more misunderstood topic, so I’ll provide my views on this today.

There’s two ways to answer this one – a long way – and a short way. In short, the answer is NO. And as for the long version of it. . .

First of all, training daily is not a bad thing and in itself certainly doesn’t equate to overtraining. You don’t HAVE to exercise every day, but on the other hand, you don’t want to go days without getting a single workout in either. I personally believe that doing something daily is of immense use and way better than not getting in any sort of physical activity at all (and no, typing on the keyboard doesn’t count!) – even five minutes of exercise is better than none at all as far as I’m concerned.

Second, it’s important to note that this overtraining concept has been blown way out of proportion. YES – it IS possible to over-train, but the majority of people out there don’t even come close to it – more like “under-training”. And most folks that perform physical activity as part of their daily job do so for eight hours or more daily. Athletes, laborers, those in the Army, etc etc . . .when was the last time you heard an Army recruit complain of being over trained with daily running/callisthenic sessions?

Now, it’s important to note that erring on the side of caution is good – but only if one does so in a sensible manner. Doing 50 pushups daily is NOT overtraining. On the other hand, if your doing marathon three to four running sessions at the gym daily, well, then you might need to ease back a little – and your body will likely be telling you that too.

Third, it’s not that easy to over train with natural movements a.k.a bodyweight exercises such as the ones I teach. These are all natural movements – remember – it’s NOT weight training, and provided you don’t work yourself to silly extremes, your far better off doing them daily than doing them only once in a while or not at all. Take walking for instance – a much overlooked, yet beneficial exercises. Human beings used to walk for miles daily before we invented transport. They were, on average, FAR fitter than most folks today are – did they “over train”? Does an ape (that is far stronger than a human could ever hope to be) in the wild complain about having to pull his weight up a tree daily? Sure, I’m not saying we have to become a Neanderthal, or an ape – but the point stands regardless.

This doesn’t mean it’s IMPOSSIBLE to over-train with bodyweight exercises . Many new trainees jump enthusiastically into their programs, attempt to do too much too often, and often end up right back where they started or worse. That’s not what I recommend. Moderation is key – but abstinence probably isn’t in this case. Note the difference.

Personally, I train daily - but I don’t go all out in each session. I also don’t make each workout ultra long and super tough; I’ll usually work on a few exercises hard for the day, and then call it quits. I also try changing things up every so often; I either add in new exercises, or change the order up on my existing exercises – it all depends.

As for when I take off, I let my body talk to me. These are days when I’m just too tired to train – can’t explain HOW my body lets me know that I’m on the other side of that very fine line, but let me know it does, and I usually heed it’s advice. And for those of you that train regularly, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I also know that I feel way better and have a LOT more energy throughout the day when I train, as opposed to if I don’t – even if I’m feeling a bit exhausted BEFORE I start, and not really in the mood to train. In fact, some of my BEST training sessions have taken place when I was not in the mood to train in the first place – try that one on for size!

Anyway, that’s the long answer to the question. There’s a couple of other valuable tips thrown in there as well; see if you can find ‘em!

Best regards,


PS: You'll never worry about over-training once you get started on some of the routines I teach you in Fast and Furious Fitness. . .

Monday, 08 October 2012 09:35

They may think your fit for the loony bin

"I am tired and run down".

"I can't sleep well no matter what I try".

"I just can't concentrate at work"

And so forth. 

These statements (or derivates thereof) are probably something all of us hear on a regular basis from our friends, co-workers, colleagues or family. In fact, I heard something along these lines this morning from a colleague.

"Rahul, what can I do to sleep better? I just don't seem to be able to get to bed at night, and I end up waking up at 4AM or so", he asked me.

"Do you exercise regularly", I asked him

"No, but I'd like to start - I just don't have time". 

"Well, what do you do when you wake up at 4AM daily and can't sleep any longer?"

"Huh? I try and go back to sleep, but can't seem to do so".

"Well, why don't you try and get some exercise in during that time", I suggested.

"Exercise? At FOUR AM? What do you think I am, a wrestler or something", he asked me incredulously. I think my suggestion probably qualified me for the loony bin in his opinion.

And thats OK - but give me the choice between training like a wrestler and feeling GOOD about myself all day long (in addition to getting stronger and healthier) - and I think I'll take choice #2 - no questions asked. Even if it means waking up at 4AM to train daily.

Actually, I DO wake up to train early - I train in the mornings, since thats when I can fit in my workout - and because thats when I seem to do best in them. I'm not exactly a morning person, but once the blood gets flowing, I manage to get in some pretty decent workouts in the morning.

I usually train for 30-45 minutes TOPS daily - and guess what that much training does for me?

I feel GREAT all day long, and have way more energy and motivation to "get things done". Even if I have a particularly hectic day, I usually dont feel completely drained at the end of it - I usually come back home with a sense of satisfaction that comes from getting a job done well. And not being able to sleep at night? Heck, I have a problem staying awake once I hit the sheets - and thats NOT an exaggeration!

Now, I've been told more than once that I'm nuts for waking up at 545AM (which is when I arise during the week) to train. Folks come at me with stuff like "you don't need to be doing that before work", or "just stretch a bit and you'll be fine", or - and here's the kicker - "you must be nuts to tire yourself out that much". Coming from someone that constantly complains about being tired (the person I referred at the beginning of the email) - now THAT's a bit thick.

And you'll experience much the same thing, my friend, if you start following routines like I outline in Fast and Furious Fitness. Not necessarily because of when or how long you train - but also because the exercises/routines I teach you are nothing like what most people follow. No 3 hours "gym marathons". No 10 sets of 10 for the head of the biceps. No leg extension machines.

No - what I teach you are exercises that hit the entire body HARD - and get the job done within a short amount of time. More importantly, these are NATURAL exercises that make you feel like a billion bucks all day long, and get you way stronger than you would do with the typical "blast this, pump that" gym routine.

No show, no glitz, just pure HARD training - with little or no equipment - and NO excuses. And thats how your training should be as well.

And if you agree with me and take action NOW - well, I'll see you in the "loony bin" soon then!!

All for now - more tomorrow!

Best regards,


PS: You can collect your copy of Fast and Furious Fitness at: - http://rahulmookerjee.com/index.php/articles/83-fast-and-furious-fitness-the-book

Sunday, 07 October 2012 14:57

Pushups to work the legs and core

Yes - it sounds like a stupendous idea indeed, doesn't it? Pushups that heavily tax the core of all things - that alone is a hard concept for most to stomach, but LEGS as well?

Pushups are primarily a chest, arm and shoulder exercise as far as most trainees are concerned. And while they do provide a great workout for the chest and arms, they also work the back (including lower back) and core heavily - and as I said, certain types of pushups will work the legs as well. And some pushups are pure CORE exercises - with the rest of the body merely playing a supporting role as it were.

I fitted the core pushup into my workout today - I did this, and another style of pushup as "rest" exercises between my main two upper body exercises, which were pull-ups and handstand pushups. What I mean by "rest" exercises is that I did a set of these exercises while "resting" between the main exercises - not something I usually do, since it cuts down on my ability to focus (and recuperate for) on the next main exercise, but I was feeling unusually peppy today, so figured I'd give it a shot.

One such pushup is the "extended arm pushups", where instead of putting your hands at shoulder level beneath the chest, you extend them all the way out over your head, and THEN do the pushup. The form is hard to explain in an email, but let me just say that chest/arms (while taxed) are NOT the limting factor for this pushup - for those that have never done these before, you'll be finding your lower back/core is what is really being worked on this one - don't be surprised if you end up with sore abs upon doing these!

Another example would be the table pushup, wherein you simply get into the position of a table (on your hands and feet), hold for a bit, and then push back to the starting position. This is a superb tricep builder, but it also works the thighs, butt and hamstrings heavily if done correctly. And so forth.  .  .there are just too many examples to list out here.

Now, does this mean that pushups are ALL you need to do for your entire body? Not really - not by a long shot actually, but the fact stands that you can get a pretty decent overall body workout in less than 15 minutes or so simply by doing different styles of pushups.

And no, these aren't "easy" exercises by a country mile - but I think you'll discover that for yourself when you try them! Thats a GOOD thing though - remember hard work is what brings real results.

OK, I'm outta here for now. Until next time - train hard - and keep me posted on your progress on the workouts you guys have been doing!

Best regards,


PS: All the different pushup variations that you need to know about can found right HERE: - http://rahulmookerjee.com/index.php/articles/83-fast-and-furious-fitness-the-book - grab your copy ASAP.


If there is any single bodyweight exercise that inspires awe, smacks of raw power, is an almost unparalled upper body muscle builder - and a tough one at that - it's probably the humble ole' PULL-UP. 

Pull-ups are a supreme test of an individual's strength and fitness levels. And it's sad, but true - that most adults today are probably doing good to knock off ONE pull-up in decent form.

There are numerous reasons why the pull-up should be a staple part of any upper body workout you do, and I'll list some here: -

- One of the best strength exercises you can do - bar none. Pullups done correctly will give you superhuman grip and pulling strength; as well as increases in muscle all over your upper body - including the chest. Plus, they strengthen your entire back beyond belief - get good at these, and you can kiss your back pain goodbye forever.

- Pull-ups stretch and lengthen the spine, thus keeping the vertebrae aligned as they should. The very act of HANGING from the pull-up bar does this, and this leads to a huge increase in nerve force throughout the entire upper body - very few other exercises can duplicate this.

- Pull-ups ensure that you get "balanced" development throughout the upper body. Let's face it, most trainees are crazy about working the chest (which explains why bench pressing is so popular); but when it comes to the back, we don't see near as many folks lined up at the pull-up bar. And this sort of thing ultimately leads to unbalanced upper body development with an overdeveloped chest with nothing to "back it up", for lack of a better term - and makes you a prime candidate for injuries.

Ok, enough already your saying. I know pull-ups are good for me - but I can barely do ONE properly - what do I do?

Well, first of all, and the most important thing is - DON'T GIVE UP! It's easy to get disheartended when you can barely do a single pull-up despite training regularly - or if your training with someone thats good at them. Remember the Rocky movies? Remember Rocky II where we see Stallone popping off one handed chin ups? Or Rocky III, where we see "Mr T" grunting his way through a set of pull-ups while Rocky trains like (for lack of a better description) a "gym bunny"?

I bet you do - and if your not good at pull-ups yet, I bet those scenes had you in awe. That's good for inspirational purposes, but remember that YOU can get good at them as well. Emblazon that in mind as your work your pull-ups; you CAN - and WILL get good at pullups!

Also, make sure your doing your pull-ups in good form; this means pulling with the back instead of the arms. Most trainees will try and jump on to the pull-up bar and somehow haul themselves up - NOT a good way to do them! A correct pull-up starts from a dead hang, and you use your BACK to pull - not your arms - your arms should simply assist the movement. For more on this, see Fast and Furious Fitness - it's imperative you get the form down pat, and I've provided plenty of detail on pull-ups there.

Grip strength can also be a limiting factor for a lot of trainees; so you may also want to work on some supplementary grip exercises if your not improving at your pull-ups. I detailed some of these in yesterday's email, and the book contains plenty more that you can do.

Last, but not least - stay FOCUSED on the task. It's easy to lose focus when doing pull-ups, and end up with sloppy reps - not good. Make sure you focus on your grip, and your back - and keep that focus throughout the entire rep/set. That in itself is a huge tip right there - implement into your own training, and watch your results skyrocket.

And work your pull-ups hard - HARD! I know I said this at the beginning of the email, but it's so important it bears repeating. Remember, hard work is what gets you the best results, and you'll agree with me after you've got to the point where you can pop off 5 sets of 5 good pull-ups without much trouble!

Well, my friend, those are some tips that should get you started on the road to pull-up mastery. It's a long road to be sure, but one well worth mastering.

And if you haven't yet incorporated this exercise into your routine - well, you know what to do.

All for now. If you train today - train HARD, and make it a great one!

Best regards,


PS: Fast and Furious Fitness shows you how to go from ZERO pull-ups to stud level. Don't delay any longer - click HERE to grab your copy now, and get started on the road to get an upper body that'll be the envy of most gym rats!

It's funny, but true. A lot of the folks I meet these days just dont want to shake my hand any longer. 

Take, for example, this incident that occured the other day. I was walking down the hallway, while a slightly older (and seemingly well built) guy that I know came down the hall. We shook hands as men normally do - or at least, as I think men SHOULD shake hands, and the next thing I know this guy is offering me a limp fish handshake, and asking me to "let go".

"I'm an old man, leave me alone", he whines.

Now being that he's not really that much older than I am, and also, being that I did nothing out of the ordinary, other than shake his hand, this left me bemused - even more so when he proceeded to complain later that I "crush" his hand every time I see him.

Or, take the case of a colleague of mine, who I see every morning. I walk up to him to shake hands, and what do I get but an even limper, two finger "handshake" if you can call it that. Why? Well, as he himself said once, "I don't have a very strong grip, and I don't think it's important". Hmm, OK. . .no problems at my end.  .  .

Then there are those who instead of shaking my hand, attempt to wrench the entire arm out of it's socket by vigorously shaking the entire arm up and down as if it were a tubewell (or elephant's trunk). And some of these folks look at me in a nasty manner when I actually GRIP the other hand - puts a wrench in their heaving, hehe.

Laugh all you like, but odds are if you train hard and regular, you've had similar experiences as well.

Anyway, limp fish handshakes, tubewells and sundry aside, there are FAR more benefits to a strong grip than simply delivering bonecrushers (and no, thats not what I set out to do every time I shake hands with someone). I speak at length about training the grip in Fast and Furious Fitness - there's an entire chapter devoted to it, and with very good reason.

Here are but a few of the reasons why YOU should be training your grip as hard as any other body part: -

- A strong grip makes it easier to perform, and improve tough exercises. Pull-ups being a case in a point - how many folks shy away from pullups because they simply dont have the power to hold on to the bar, let along pull in an organized manner?

- Strong fingers, tendons and wrists reduce the chances of injury when performing exercises that demand a LOT from the hands.

- A strong grip makes it easier to perform DAY to DAY tasks, such as lugging heavy sofas up and down stairs. Try pinch gripping a mammoth old sofa - or Grandma's piano - and transporting it up and down three flights of stairs. It ain't easy, and its just not possible if you have weak wrists and fingers.

And in case your wondering what latest gizmo you'll need to purchase the train the grip like it should be, relax - you don't need very much at all in terms of equipment - or time, for that matter. No need for heavy weights. No need to labor over endless sets of "concentration" curls while making sure the "thumb points towards the bicep". No need for wrist rollers (though those can be great). No rubber balls, no squeezing newspapers, none of that.

So, without further ado, how exactly DO I train my grip?

Well - there are plenty of ways - but I'll list a few of them off the top of my head: -

- Pull-ups (done in PROPER form) - one of the best ways to develop a bone crushing grip. Note: You have to do the exercise correctly to get the most out of it - no kipping, no cheating, no swinging - just good proper pull-ups!

- Standing on my hands - a tremendous forearm builder.

- Timed holds from a tree trunk, doorway chinning bar, or just about anything you can hang from safely - another killer.

- Fingertip pushups (again, done CORRECTLY!); these are an all but forgotten exercises, but one that will give you fingers and tendons that feel like pliable steel.

And those barely scratch the surface.  .  .there is SO MUCH MORE where those came from.

So, let's see. Getting a full body workout within 45 minutes or less (in some cases less than half an hour), great cardio and strength workout rolled into one, exercises designed to give you the grip of an African gorilla - and, best of all, the moans about bone crushers from the limp fish crowd, hehe - I'll take that anyday over lengthy, drawn out gym sessions and 100 sets of what-not for the biceps, and 15 sets "just to train the other forearms", and so forth.

OK - I'm joking about the "limp fish crowd" - but jokes aside, my friend, as you can see - if you train as I teach you in Fast and Furious Fitness; you'll realize that your getting a superb grip workout in WHILE doing your other exercises - without spending extra time on specifically working the grip. Don't get me wrong - you CAN specialize on grip work, if you do it correctly - you just dont HAVE to.

Grab the book today, and give these exercises a try - and let me know how you do!

Best regards,


PS: If you train today, make it a great one!!


Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:00

Who wants to join the natural gym?

Was on my way up a flight of stairs last night when I was stopped by some guys I vaguely know. They live in the same building that I do, so we often exchange pleasantries, kidding back and forth, and so on.

"You been out jogging?", one of them asked me. (I was wearing shorts, so that was a question I expected).

"No", I respond. "Better ways to stay fit than jogging for hours, though there's nothing wrong with it if you enjoy it".

"Ah, so you must have gone to the gym then, huh", responds another dude, plucking at my shoulder. "How much weight do you use for your shoulder exercises" he then asked.

"No weight", I responded.

He looked at me as if I'd said I could fly from the US to Antarctica within a matter of minutes.



"Well, how did you get those well built shoulders then? Everyone knows its not possible to develop the upper body well enough without a regular weight lifting schedule".

I grinned, and didnt respond.

Then one of the other guys, who'd been quiet until now piped up.

"He goes to the natural gym", smiling and looking at me for affirmation.

And while that wasn't how I'd describe it, it was a pretty interesting term anyway - and he was on the right track. I smiled, nodded to the guys, and made my way back to my apartment.

Thats what I like best about Fast and Furious exercises - they confuse the average "gym rat" into thinking your doing something better than they are at the gym. Do these exercises regularly, and you'll have folks thinking you spend all day at the gym, kill yourself lifting heavy weights, take pills - have some sort of magic diet, and so forth - the works. While all the time your secure in the knowledge that you do NONE of that - you exercise with a minimum of equipment, and eat healthy - natural foods. You exercise hard, but you dont spend all day exercising. And the results you get are usually FAR better than those gotten by the "I spent four and a half hours doing bench presses in the gym" dude you so often meet.

So, would YOU like to join the "natural gym"?

Would YOU like to get on the fast track to supreme fitness and health - without spending all day in the gym - and feel great for the rest of the day after you complete your workout?

I'd bet the answer to this is yes - and the only membership fees you'll need to fork out is the ridiculously low $24.99 for Fast and Furious Fitness. Far less than what you'd typically spend for a year long membership at the local health club - and whats more - this membership lasts for LIFE.

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Best regards,


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Friday, 21 September 2012 10:27

Short, sweet and simple

Got through another great workout this morning - and a pretty simple one at that. Most of my workouts these days consist of only THREE main exercises; yet, my entire body gets a fantastic working over with just these three main exercises. So, I guess you could say my workout is short, sweet and simple - and that, my friend, as with many other things in life is a good thing.

So, what did I do?

As I said, three exercises - and those are: 5x 5 handstand pushups, 4x 5 pull-ups, and the front/back bridge. I did some supplementary grip/balance work as well, but only because I felt like it - not because I had to. And that was that.

Now, just THREE exercises? I'm really getting a great workout (for the entire body) from just THREE exercises?

And the answer is, YES - I AM (short and simple again, but it gets the point across, so hey. . .).

Now, I realize this may be hard to believe for some of the gym going folks that have been practically raised on a diet of "10 sets x 10 for chest", "5 sets of 20 for the 'peak of the biceps' (whatever that may be)", "10 sets of 10 on the leg extension machine", and so forth. But tis true.

In fact, most people - not just the gym "pumpers" - look at me with disbelief when I tell them less is MORE when it comes to working out - and nothing I say would convince them to believe otherwise. Ask them why they believe the opposite though, and the majority won't really know what to say except that Bubba on the internet forum told them, and Bubba's always right, so, uh.  .  .there it is. 

Okay, your choice - but without further ado, I'll give you my reasons behind the short, sweet and simple philosophy. 

First off, your body only has so much to give. Unless your a professional athlete, sportsman, or laborer, you'll likely find that you have X amount of time to work out in, and only so much energy to devote to your workout. So doing a gazillion exercises won't work simply because you wont have the time - or ability - to do all of them justice.

Second, and this ties into point #1 - simply doing an exercise is not enough - you must FOCUS on the exercise like there's no tomorrow, and you must complete each rep in letter perfect form. Always strive to get better at what you do. And this is only possible if you have a limited number of exercises to do - it is impossible for anyone, even the most genetically gifted of us to do justice to ALL exercises in humumgous two to three hour daily workouts. And recovering from such workouts is next to impossible as well.

Third, and this is something you need to make a note of - the body responds to HARD work. Doing fewer sets of a TOUGH exercises (or struggling to get even one rep) is FAR better than moseying through a set of an easy exercise just for the "pump". The body doesnt care about how LONG you take to finish an exercise. It DOES care about how hard you work to complete the exercise, and therein lies the secret to increase in strength.

There's more to it as well - but for more details, refer to Fast and Furious Fitness - I've covered this topic in detail there.

The exercises I did today work the entire upper body into the ground if done correctly. Doing handstand pushups is hard for most people, and doing 25 of them in good form will give even the strongest athlete a run for his money. Ditto for pull-ups - and as for the bridging exercises I did, they are advanced variations NOT mentioned in the book, but for those of that you can do it, it will work your entire body - as an unit - into the ground. You may notice there's no direct leg work in that routine - but I've been getting plenty of it via walking, jumping rope and climbing stairs as of late, so there was no need for it today.

The entire routine took about 45 minutes, and I was hammered by the end of it. And there isn't a single body part that I haven't worked - and again, remember, I only did THREE main exercises - and not that many reps either.

And thats pretty much how most of my workouts look like. I might on occasion try and do high rep work, like the 500 pushup workout I've spoken about before, but by and large, I keep it short, sweet and simple - and HARD. And the results speak for themselves.

So to those of you that are pounding away at workouts that go on for pages, and not really getting much in terms of results, you might want to stop and reconsider. Give the short, sweet and simple principle a try - and see how it works for you!

I realize that it may be tough for you at first to put a decent training program together that doesnt ask you to do every exercise under the sun and doesnt take very much time at all to complete - but I've done that for you in Fast and Furious Fitness. This book gives you several sample routines you can use to kick-start your training into high gear almost at once; and for those of you that prefer doing so, you can create your own routine as well with the exercises I mention. Make sure you grab your copy NOW!

So, thats today's message - and in case your training today, make sure you give it your all!!

Best regards,


PS: In case you haven't done so already, make sure to reserve your copy of Fast ans Furious Fitness ASAP. Here's that link once again - http://rahulmookerjee.com/index.php/articles/83-fast-and-furious-fitness-the-book.

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